Writing Documentation Initiative

This is a completed initiative


The documentation is open source and can be edited collaboratively by the community. It is important, to make things as easy as possible for people editing the documentation - regardless whether Documentation Team Members, Core Team Members or other contributors.

For this reason, we need easy to find, up to date and helpful information about documenting.

Furthermore, we need best practices, examples and guidelines for how to write good documentation, that is

  • well structured
  • easy to read
  • easy to edit
  • looks good on screen
  • up to date
  • etc.

The information about why, how, what, when and who can contribute must be spread (via typo3.org news, Twitter, Sessions at events) so people find out about it


  • Define best practices
  • Provide examples for how to write good documentation
  • Improve Writing Documentation (ongoing task): Issues
  • Improve Example Extension Manual (ongoing task): Issues
  • Create PR for extension_builder to use latest "Example Extension Manual" for generating sample documentation

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Sybille Peters