Hello, we are the TYPO3 Design Team

What we do

  • We take care about the brand TYPO3 and its evolution. 
  • We support the community in all questions of design and visual communication.
  • We give active feedback about the usage of the brand TYPO3

Only to avoid misunderstandings:
We are not responsible for the design of the CMS itself and its backend.


What if you have some work for us to do

Of course we are looking forward to new tasks from you. But because we all have our regular tasks to do, we cannot process all new tasks immediately. So please be patient. But we will gladly make sure that you stay informed when we can process your wishes.

STEP 1: contact us

STEP 2: we contact you for further details

STEP 3: we decide and get back to you

for more information see our process graph

How we work

  • We meet at 2-3 Sprints a year to work on bigger issues and basic design tasks.
  • Outside sprints we sometimes finish these and take care of short-term tasks supporting TYPO3 teams and community.
  • In a hangout on 3rd friday of each month, we discuss all open issues and decide which tasks we are willing to work on and who will be responsible.

How you can participate

  • Do you want to join the Design Team and help us to make TYPO3 look better? You are very welcome, no matter what qualification or experience you might have. Any help and any kind of design knowledge is appreciated and more than welcome. 
  • Feel free to contact fabian.stein@typo3.org for more information. Or contact us on slack (#design). We’re looking forward to hearing from you! 


Who we are

We are a team of 8 to 10 designers with a diverse spectrum of knowledge. Frontend designers, Photoshop heros, vector pros as well as hand drawing artists.