TYPO3 Project Social Media Guidelines

1. Social Media

Social media is changing the way we work, offering a new model to engage with members, community, journalists, and the world in general. These are the official guidelines for participating in social media for the TYPO3 Project.

1.1.1 TYPO3 Association's channels

1.1.2 TYPO3 Project's channels

Teams and committees: 

If you would like to create an official TYPO3 account, or you have one already that is not listed above, which states to be official communication for a project, team, committee, etc, please discuss this with the Board of the TYPO3 Association. By doing this, we act on the basis of transparency and awareness. Also, in this way a centralized documentation of the various used channels is possible.

1.2 How to act on your own social media channels

While you are encouraged to talk about TYPO3 and about your work for the TYPO3 Project or Association on social media, bear in mind that you speak on your behalf and not on behalf of a group of people.


  • you speak as an individual
  • you represent an official body or team
  • be aware of your association with the T3A and TYPO3 Project in online social networks.

2. Social media values (for own and official accounts)

The TYPO3 Association believes that:

  • your behavior has an impact on how TYPO3 and the T3A are perceived
  • by upholding our values, you become a TYPO3 ambassador and strengthen the organization we stand for
  • you should use the same common sense online that you use offline
  • you should play nice by not offending, criticizing, censoring
  • you should give credit where due and respect copyright¬∑ you must get your facts right
  • you must remain impartial
  • you should use spell checker
  • if someone disagrees with you, you must respect their right to an opinion
  • if being attacked, stay calm and stick to facts. If you cannot handle the attacks anymore, ask for help from your team internally.

3. Social media usage

3.1 What we write about on our official channels

The TYPO3 Project official social media channels are used for the following purposes:

  • official announcements of the TYPO3 Project and TYPO3 Association
  • reactions: answer to external questions and comments**
  • communicate critical products-related issues (example: a new release)
  • reminders to the TYPO3 Association members (example: events, deadlines, sponsoring possibilities)
  • share success stories related to the TYPO3 Project (example: new platinum member, case study, prize).

3.2 What we do not write about on our official channels

The TYPO3 Project official social media channels are not used for the following purposes:

  • criticism towards people, products, competitors
  • engaging in discussion that damage the TYPO3 or T3A's image*
  • if anyone looks like would want to pick a fight, ignore that person**
  • discussion should be taken on other platforms (example: telephone and E-Mails).

4. Responsibilities and ownership

The TYPO3 Association owns the official social media channels listed above (1.1) and decides on access and restrictions rights. The TYPO3 Association is responsible for:

  • documenting and maintaining existing owned channels
  • administration of access and restrictions rights
  • assuming correct measures for any TYPO3 representative that does not follow the above mentioned guidelines.

While the responsibility for the tasks listed in chapter 3.1 is generally shared, there is only one person nominated responsible for reacting to external comments and questions**.

This person is responsible also for delegating this task during times of absence.

Author: Naike Schulthess
Version: 1.0 - April 2015