TYPO3 User Groups

As TYPO3 is spreading around the world, many users would like to get in personal contact with other TYPO3 enthusiasts.

This is how local TYPO3 User Groups (TUG) are formed. These groups are open for everyone, from newbie to expert. Check out the listings on this page, and see whether there is a TYPO3 user group in your area.

If not - why not start one yourself? Write a message to info(at)typo3.org.

What happens in a TYPO3 User Group?

That is totally up to the members of the TUG, but this is a list of suggestions for activities:

  • Exchange of know-how
  • Introducing TYPO3 to newbies
  • Tutorials (how do I accomplish this or that in TYPO3)
  • Talk about how we can support the TYPO3 community
  • Joint work on TYPO3 projects
  • Ideas for new extensions
  • Providing users/customers with local support

List of User Groups

There are a number of TYPO3 User Groups (TUGs) either established or forming at the moment. If you are interested in joining one of the groups please send an email to the contact person of the group.

International TYPO3 User Groups

User Groups exist all over the world, below is a list of the ones we are aware of. Please contact the typo3.org team if your user group is missing.

Because this Usergroup is for local community member and therefore the language of the event is german.

Die TYPO3 Stammtisch Ruhr trifft sich (fast) immer am letzten Montag im Monat. 
Wir treffen uns um 18.30 Uhr im Unperfekthaus in Essen, Raum 104.

The TYPO3 Meetup Munich (MTUG) meets every first Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm. Everyone interested in TYPO3, whether beginner or professional, is welcome! In general there is a talk and afterwards we have time to discuss things and socialize.

The India TYPO3 User Group (iTUG) meets every first Friday of the month at 5:00 pm with TYPO3 Enthusiast. Everyone interested in TYPO3, whether beginner or professional, is welcome!

In general, iTUG is doing activities like as follows:

  • TYPO3 Seminar/Workshops,
  • Develop and Maintain TYPO3 Extensions for TER,
  • Exchanging tips and advice,
  • TYPO3 Public Events,
  • Involve/Participate into TYPO3 Universe
  • and more.,

Connect with us at http://www.itug.in/ or email to sanjay(at)nitsan.in

Inspire People To Share, Love TYPO3 :)

The austrian TYPO3 community is celebrating Christmas 2018

Many thanks to our sponsor www.abaton.at for organizing the event which has become an annual event of our beloved TYPO3 usergroup.

.     .    O  .         O
  o       .       .   .    .               .     O
   .  o _.,--------.   O       O    .       o
     ,'"            `.    .            O        .
 O  /                 \     o    .
   f .                 Y
 . |  \________________j  .        o     .      o
   |  f                Y   .                     .
  O|  l________________j          .         O
   | f|||||l ,--   --.||  O  o      ,----------------.
 . | |jjj|l`  ,-.  ,-.|l           f  Merry Christmas Y
   j_j,-```  f  | f  ||-.   .      |       dear       |
  f   Y (|   l_0, l_0,| j          l  TYPO3 Community j
  l   jY |       `.   |f   O     .  `-._    ______.,-'
   `-' `-|,        )  l'            o   )  /    .
  o    ||f ,-  `--'  _ Y      o      _,' ,'
   O   jjj  `.       ,`| `-..___..,-'_.,'    O     o
     . '''\   `-----'  j      `""""''
 .      O  |.        ,'     o                  .
    o  .   | `-._.,-'   O         .    o         o
      ____ |      l ____   .   O
  o ,'-+-->l   -'  Y<--+`.   o
   /+--+,' \`-.__,'| `.+--\      .    .    o
  /-+--+`-, \.____,j ,'+--+\  .                   O
 f--+--+-<   \    /  >-+--+-Y   o       O      .
 j--+--+--`.  `. / ,'--+--+-l     O      o
f+--+--+--+-`.  Y /-+--+--+--Y  .             o
|+--+--+--+--+\ |f--+--+--+--|           .         .
|+--+-f+--+--+-\|j--+--+Y-+--|  o           o
|+--+-|+--+--+--|+--+--+|-+--|                    o

If you have a question about the event, use the TYPO3 slack channel or send an email: