TYPO3 Events

Due to the relaunch we removed the possibility to add and edit events in the frontend. If you are responsible for an event like a local usergroup, please get in contact with the t3o team via Slack or t3o(at)typo3.org.

The India TYPO3 User Group (iTUG) meets every first Friday of the month at 5:00 pm with TYPO3 Enthusiast. Everyone interested in TYPO3, whether beginner or professional, is welcome!

In general, iTUG is doing TYPO3 activities like as follows:

  • T3TALK: TYPO3 Seminar and/or Workshops
  • T3EXT DAY: Develop and publish new TYPO3 extension for TER. Support and Maintainance of already developed TYPO3 Extensions for TER.
  • T3BLOG DAY: Write and publish technical and community TYPO3 blog post/article.
  • T3BD DAY: TYPO3 Contribution Bootup Days
  • T3UNI DAY: Involve/Participate into TYPO3 Universe (like typo3.org, slack, forge, gerrit, forum etc.,)

Connect with us at http://www.itug.in/ or email to sanjay(at)nitsan.in

Inspire People To Share, Love TYPO3 :)