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Mailing List Rules & Guidelines

The TYPO3 community continues to grow at a rapid rate!

As a result, the mailing lists / newsgroups are becoming much busier, and we felt it was time to post some basic rules and guidelines on how they should be used.

We aren't trying to lay down the law to the community, but if we all follow some basic, common sense guidelines, the lists will be easier to use, and more effective, for everyone.

Answered your own question?

if you find the answer to your question before the list does, please post the answer as a reply to your own question, so that others using the archive will find it as well


We are trying to build a useful store of TYPO3 knowledge from the mailing list. If you have received a precise and workable reply to your question, you are obligated to give something back...please log onto and create an FAQ or HOWTO from the thread by adding a Snippet at, so everyone else can benefit from the knowledge that you just gained!


please do not use them...they are a pain for everyone and you will be removed from the list if you do!

Correct list?

make sure you are posting to the correct list...the complete list is available from the list subscription page. The main lists are...

  • TYPO3-english - for general questions and English only
  • TYPO3-german - for general questions and German only
  • TYPO3-linux - for all installation questions/discussions if you are using a Linux/Unix system, including other server software
  • TYPO3-windows - for all installation questions/discussions if you are using a Windows system, including other server software
  • TYPO3-install - for install-related discussions and questions about that are non-operating system specific
  • TYPO3-dev - for discussions on core stuff, and extension development...not for the newbie ;-)
  • TYPO3-<city> - please do NOT post technical / user questions to these lists. They are intended for discussion regarding the U(ser)G(roups) and its members (for example meetings, seminars, socials, local projects). Please post technical or user-related questions to one of the above lists
Read before you post

Please read the available documentation and search the mail archives before posting, because your question has likely be answered before. Well written, direct and clear questions are always welcome though. (What is happening under which circumstances? What were you expecting? ...) Just like in real life. ;-)


Please choose a short, but accurate subject on your post. Many People won't read threads without concrete subjects or subject lines containing countless "!!!" along with wording like "urgent", "really important" OR USING CAPITAL LETTERS. This is considered yelling and has always been against web etiquette.


Please make your question or point as short and concise as possible. If you need to include a code listing or debug information, include just the relevant part. Stick to one question per mail, otherwise other people will find it confusing to follow or unstand references that might be out of context.

Install / Debug Information

Please refer to TYPO3-install only for installation related problems. You have to include debug or other context specific information like Operating System, PHP / mySQL Version, Hosting Agency, access rights, etc. The person reading you question does not know your installation environment.

Mail format

Please send your mails only in plaintext. While some fancy text or text decoration can be some eye candy, it does not provide any additional help for you problem.


Do not send any attachments to the list. They cause unnecessary traffic.
Imagine a single message received by 250 people with at least 4 replies and a size of "just" 1 MB.

5 * 250 * 1 MB = 1250 MB = 1.22 GB!
Further assume that during the year approx. "only" 3 such messages are sent each day.
3 * 365 * 1.22 GB = 1368.75 GB = 1.31 TB

Junk in posts

Please remove all unwanted, i.e. unnecessary content from your reply before you send it. Unwanted content can be everything like redundant footers or full quotes for example.


Please do not use the top-quote style when replying. Quote only the part you are refering to and reply directly below.


Unless the thread is very complicated, or has a lot of points, don't interweave your replies with the quoted text (e.g. quote | reply | quote | reply etc.), this makes managing the thread in the Archive very difficult.


Do not "hijack" an existing thread with your question. If a thread makes you think of something else that you want to discuss, start a new thread. Starting a new or different subject line in the middle of an existing thread makes it harder to manage on the archive, the thread referencing gets messed up, and you may not get an answer.


Be polite, don't shout, swear, flame or make any derogatory comments. Difference in opinions can occur, still, objective arguments based on facts are much more appreciated.

Mailing the developers

Even if you think a developer is the better choice for helping on your problem, keep in mind that, next to being very busy, you couldn't share a possible answer.


  • News - Many people prefer the "Network News Transport Protocol" (NNTP) to a mailing list. You do? Point your newsreader to
  • Names - Please use your real name - we're a friendly list that likes to know whom we're talking to.
  • Read the replies - If you post a question, make sure you read the replies and try the solutions before you post again.
  • Off-topic - keep OT discussions to a minimum and please put OT in the subject in case it is intended off topic
  • Personal - please keep personal discussions off the list

Please remember the last two points

  • None of the TYPO3 lists are moderated. That means that they are not read and vetted before being forwarded to all list members. For this reason, read your post carefully before you effectlively send your message to the list.
  • From your's and everyone else's mails, we are gradually building a valuable resource in the list archive. Please think before writing and generally keep the future value of your question or answer in mind. This is even more important if discussing fixes or work arounds that get fixed or make the way into the official TYPO3 distribution. Thanks for helping to make the lists become even more effective resources.

Information required for installation/server problems

If you are posting about an installation, server, server-software or performance problem, you will need to include certain technical information so the people who might help you have any chance to reproduce your problem.

  • You should post to one of the install lists
  • Describe your problem as exact as possible
  • If possible or suitable supply screendumps via your own webspace or public image hosting service for others to see (do NOT attach to your post)
  • Forge is our bugtracker and as such part of our Continous Integration (CI) Infrastrucre. Bugs that are only discussed on a mailing list will likely never get fixed.

For all installation and server-related problems, go to the Install Tool, click "phpinfo()" and copy the "DEBUG information" into the mail. This supplies information about your system which the people helping you might need; which version of Typo3 you use, PHP version, server OS (Windows server/Linux server), server type (Apache, ISS, PWS), if PHP is running as a CGI module or for example using the mod_php Apache Module.

In addition please state:

  • Which TYPO3 Version did you download?
  • How fast is your server and how much RAM does it have?
  • The used Webbrowser and OS next to their versionnumbers.

Generally, be very specific, or you won't get the help you need!