You can find a log of all IRC conversations on the website of Ries van Twisk:

IRC Chat

If you need real-time chat, the TYPO3 IRC Channel might be the right place for you! A lot of friendly developers and users hang out there all day and night, finding solutions to problems, socializing, or just relaxing. In the European evening hours, more than 40 people are usually logged in.

If you want to join, just use your favourite IRC client (ChatZilla, for example - Wikipedia IRC Client Comparison) and point it to, Channel #typo3. Alternatively, you can use this direct link: irc://

If you don't have access to a IRC client or are behind a firewall, you can use our web-based IRC frontend.

IRC Channels

The following channels exist on Freenode and are available for open discussion on their respective topics:

  • #typo3 - General chat and code issues surrounding implementation of TYPO3 websites
  • #typo3-cms - A channel for developing TYPO3 CMS