system & access management

Make admins happy. TYPO3 allows you to maintain the system via an up to data UI. Further it is well known for a very granular access management.

Backend Main Module "Site Management"

Introduced in version 9.1

The new main module "Site Management"completes the existing modules "Web", "File", "Admin Tools" and "System" and aims to become the central place for all site-related configuration tasks, e.g. languages, domains and routing.

The first sub-module of "Site Management" is the new "Redirects" Module.


Redirects Module

Introduced in version 9.1

There are several methods how a request to a web server or the web application is processed. The first request to a resource does not always result in a HTML page for example. Redirecting the user to a specific different resource (e.g. a file or page) is not unusual.

A new backend module named "Redirects" has been introduced in TYPO3 version 9.1. As the name suggests, it allows TYPO3 integrators and editors to configure redirects for their website. The redirects can be limited to a specific domain and the HTTP response code can easily be configured. On top of that, the source path can be enabled to be represented as a regular expression and a redirect to HTTPS can be enforced if required.

Redirects are an important part of every SEO strategy and often used for marketing campaigns to implement a short, meaningful URL, which possibly does not match the page structure in TYPO3.

This new module makes the old redirect feature obsolete and therefore, the option to configure a redirect, when a domain was added to a specific page or page branch, has been removed.