Application for TCCI / TCCD Beta-Test Exams

Since the TYPO3 Education Committee is responsible for the quality of the exams, we're about to prepare Beta-Test for the TCCD and TCCI Exams, based on the questions for the TYPO3 8.7 LTS.

We are looking for volunteers, who would like to participate on the Beta-Tests just before the beginning of the TYPO3 Developer Days in Düsseldorf, on 21st June 2018.

Each Beta-Test participant, who passes the exam, will get a regular certificate valid for three years, for free. Additionally, after the exam, each participant will get a feedback sheet, which gives us your meaningful opinion about the exam.

If you are interested, you can apply for taking part in the Beta-Tests. Please, fill out the form and we'll inform you by e-mail when you are the one who has been chosen to participate. To void any conflicts and mind administrative overhead, refunding, etc., participants who have already bought a ticket for the regular exam, will not be chosen for the beta-test. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via Slack or mail.

Armin Vieweg (@arminvieweg, armin.vieweg(at) or
Tom Novotny (@tomnovotny, tom.novotny(at)

Application Form currently not available

Please, feel free to answer following questions and send them via E-Mail to Armin (armin.vieweg(at)

First name, Last name:
Profession / Job:
Experience in TYPO3 in years:
Are you a TYPO3 Core member:
Are you certified, yet (TCCE, TCCI, TCCD, TCCC):
Which Beta-Test-Exam are you interessted in (TCCI, TCCD):