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Of course there will be lots of questions on this topic, therefore we will collect most interesting questions and answers here...

The exam


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Why should I get certified?

There a plenty of good reasons to get yourself certified:

  1. for TYPO3 CMS Customers
    to assure the selected service supplier has the knowledge to implement a properly configured and successful TYPO3 solution.
  2. for the TYPO3 CMS Project
    to show the market that there are lots of skilled specialists offering professional TYPO3 CMS services.
  3. for TYPO3 CMS Professionals
    to train and test their skills and to present themselves as certified professionals to the market.
  4. for YOU
    because you are an important part of our TYPO3 Community!

What is the exam like?

The exam is computer based, consists of 75 multiple choice questions in English and you have 90 minutes to complete the test.

The “Certified Editor" is still in a test phase and currently only available in German. There are 50 multiple choice questions and you have 50 minutes of time.

What will be tested?

Have a look at the syllabus of your certification: Syllabus Certified Integrator, Syllabus Certified Editor

How can I prepare for the exam?

If you don't feel prepared enough already, you can improve your knowledge about TYPO3 by reading the documents suggested at the Syllabus Certified Integrator or Syllabus Certified Editor. Also there is an English official integrator studyguide for the Certified Integrator if you are into (e)books.

Where and when can I take the exam?

You can take an exam anywhere and at any time in 175 countries and more than 5,000 test centers. 

Choose a Pearson VUE test venue near you.

Can I take the exam in my native language?

The exam can only be taken in English.

The “Certified Editor" is still in a test phase and currently only available in German. An English version is coming soon. Further translations for the “Certified Editor" are possible in the future.

Can I just walk in and get tested?

No, you must register in advance.

Do I have to bring anything with me?

Please be prepared to show two forms of photographic IDs, both including a full name, photo and signature. You will not be permitted to test if you fail to show two acceptable forms of IDs; this will result in loosing your test fee.

No personal items may be taken into the testing room. This includes all bags, books not authorised by the sponsor, notes, phones, pagers, watches and wallets.

Can I bring my own notebook / book / paper / pencil?

No. You will be provided with everything you need, you must not take anything with you into the testing room.

Can I contribute questions?

Yes, we want to steadily extend our pool of questions.If you want to take part in that you are very welcome, please contact the certification team.

How much does is cost?

Members of the TYPO3 association will be charged €150 to take the exam, non-members pay €200. Employees of a company which is a supporting member of the TYPO3 association can take the exam for €150.

As a Bronze member (i.e. personal membership) you get one non-transferable voucher per year, a Silver member gets three, Gold members ten and Platinum members get 20 vouchers per year for their employees.

Who gets the money I pay for my certification?

Parts of the revenue go to PearsonVUE and some is spent for organizational overheads. 

The rest of your money will directly go to the TYPO3 Association and will be spent on improving the TYPO3 project (programming, documentation, etc).

Do I get a refund if I don't pass?

No. Sorry!

Do I have to sign off if I decide not to come?

If you wish to cancel your exam you must cancel online 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Cancelling an exam less than 48 hours prior to your appointment or missing your exam will result in loosing your exam fees.

TYPO3 and Pearson VUE will not be held responsible for expenses incurred beyond the cost of the test, including but not limited to travel expense and lost wages on the day of the test.

What happens if I do not show up for the exam?

If you do not sign off 48 hours in advance at all and fail to attend the exam you will be charged the full amount!

Can I get a group discount?

We are sorry, at the moment we do not offer group discounts. 

Is there a discount for TYPO3 Association members?

If you are a TYPO3 Association member, you can apply for a discount voucher (to pay 150 Euro instead of 200): As a Bronze member (i.e. personal membership) you get one non transferable voucher per year, a Silver member gets three, Gold members 10 and Platinum members get 20 vouchers per year for their employees.

Send a mail to certification(at)typo3.org stating your membership number, Company name and your name.

Can I transfer my discount voucher to somebody else?

The discount vouchers are non-transferable. You can not transfer a voucher received for your company to anybody else. You can use a voucher only once.

Will I be informed immediately on whether I passed?

Yes, you'll get the information right after finishing your exam.

If I pass, what do I get?

You get a printed certificate signed by the TYPO3 Association. It will take a couple of weeks (at least three weeks) until you get that by snail mail. Your name will be listed on the TYPO3 certification website. Additionally you can place a certification banner on your website.

Do you inform me about the score I have reached in the exam?

No, we do not reveal any information about your score and we also will not publicly reveal the cut score or the pass rate for any exam. 

Questions are rated by a group of renowned TYPO3 subject matter experts (SME). Combining their ratings, the difficulty level of each question is assessed. The questions in a specific exam are randomly taken from a large question pool. Thus exams do not necessarily have the same level of difficulty. In other words: When you take an exam with lots of easy questions the cut score will be higher than in an exam with many difficult questions. So comparing correct answers or cut scores between exams never makes sense.

Am I granted access to the exam results?

No, we cannot allow you to examine the results.

Why we do not grant access:

  1. First of all examining the exam will not help you in any way since we will not give you any information regarding which questions have been answered correctly or incorrectly.
  2. The administrative overhead would be far too large and we do not want to raise the price for the certification just because of a few curious people.
  3.  In case of doubt we cross check the exams so the source of errors should be as low as ever possible.

BTW: We keep every exam 6 months. After this period we destroy the documents relating to it.

How long is the certification valid?

The certificate is valid for 36 months from the issue date. 

This takes into consideration the fact that TYPO3 and the web in general change very quickly. Only a continuous adaptation and recertification process will ensure the optimal quality of Certified TYPO3 Integrators. The 36-month period ensures adequate security of investment for the Integrator and at the same time provides security for everyone who relies on the up-to-date nature of the certificate. With a time limit of three years the version restriction no longer applies, thus the certification does not have to be dependent upon version numbers. 

Previously issued certificates will continue to be valid, as before, for all versions of TYPO3 in the 4.x branch without an expiration date.

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Can I take the exam again if I do not pass?

Yes, you can take the exam as many times as you like, but after every failed attempt there will be a three months waiting period until you can try again.

Can I use questions from the exam I remember for any purpose?

You will be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement before taking the exam concerning the exam's content, and we strongly ask you not to publish or make known specific questions in any way.

Can I use the term 'Certified TYPO3 CMS Integrator' on my resume, CV or business card?

Of course, we encourage you to do so.