TYPO3 Association Membership Logos

Important Notes

You are allowed to use this logos, as long as you are a member of the TYPO3 Association and all your invoices are paid. Also you have to take care of our trademark guidelines, before using our logos.

TYPO3 Association Community Member
TYPO3 Association Community Member
TYPO3 Bronze Member Logo big
TYPO3 Bronze Member Logo small
TYPO3 Silver Member Logo big
TYPO3 Silver Member Logo small
TYPO3 Gold Member Logo big
TYPO3 Gold Member Logo small
TYPO3 Platinum Member Logo big
TYPO3 Platinum Member Logo small


Use one of these membership logos on your website to show the status of your membership, preferably linked to https://typo3.org/association/membership/members/.

Vector based versions of the membership logos

If you are working with the vector based logos, please install the necessary font "share".