TYPO3 Association General Assembly 2018

The General Assembly will take place at 11th of April 2018 13:00 in Essen (Unperfekthaus).


13:00 - 13:30 Get together / Registration
13:30 - 16:00 General Assembly


  1. Opening of the General Assembly
  2. Minutes of the last general assembly
  3. Annual report of the associations' boards
  4. Annual financial statement and reports of the statutory auditors and the business control committee
  5. Grant discharge to the association's board, expert advisory board, treasurer, statutory auditors and committees
  6. Budget for the running year
  7. Determination of admission fees and annual dues for all types of members
  8. Elections of the
    1. Board (by the current EAB)
    2. Expert Advisory Board (EAB)
    3. members of the Business Control Committee (BCC)
  9. Petitions of the
    1. members
    2. expert advisory board and the association's board
  10. Program of activities
  11. Amendments to the bylaws
    1. Disband EAB and enlarge Board
    2. Change Board voting procedure
  12. Nomination of the honorary members
  13. Complaints against executive bodies, resolution on the appeal against anexpulsion or rejection of a provisional admission resolution of the association's board
  14. Various other topics 
  15. Closing of the General Assembly.



Registration for the General Assembly

In order to prepare the General Assembly, we ask you for registering yourself for the General Assembly. The registration is open until 6th of April 2018.


Submit your petitions

As a member of the TYPO3 Association you are allowed to send in petitions, which are discussed and decided at the General Assembly. 

The submission is allowed up to two weeks before the General Assembly and will close at the 28th of March 2018.

Submit petition


Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 18
45127 Essen-City

Tel.: 0201-470916-0


Elections 2018

Before the General Assembly the online election of the EAB and BCC will take part. Find out more about the election.