TYPO3 Association General Assembly 2014

The General Assembly took place on Saturday, 1th of February 2014 13:00 - 14:15 in Frankfurt.

A Q&A session took place on Saturday, the 1th of February 2014 from 10:00-12:00.


  1. Minutes of the last general assembly
  2. Annual report of the associations' board
  3. Annual financial statement and reports of the statutory auditors and thebusiness control committee
  4. Grant discharge to the association's board, expert advisory board, treasurer, statutory auditors and committees
  5. Permanent admittance of members
  6. Information on the budget for the current year
  7. Admission fee and annual subscription of the members for the current membership year
  8. Elections of the
    1. Board (by the current EAB)
    2. expert advisory board
    3. statutory auditors
    4. members of the business control committee
  9. Applications of the
    1. expert advisory board and the association's board
    2. members
  10. Program of activities
  11. Amendments to the statutes
  12. Nomination of the honorary members
  13. Complaint against executive bodies, resolution on the appeal against anexpulsion or rejection of a provisional admission resolution of the association's board.


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