TYPO3 Association General Assembly 2013

The General Assembly took place on Saturday 14:00 - 16:00, 2th of February 2013 in Basel.


  1. Election of the person in charge of counting the votes
  2. Protocol of the prior assembly
  3. Annual report by the chairman
  4. Report of the EAB
  5. Report of the BCC
  6. Annual balance sheet and report by the accountants. Disencumbering of members of the board, cashier, accountants and commissions
  7. Admission and suspension of members
  8. Budget for the running year
  9. Determination of admission fees and annual dues for all types of members
  10. Elections (Board, EAB, BCC)
  11. Petitions
    • Report of the cashier regarding "aged accounts receivables" (Jochen Weiland / BCC)
    • Request to change article 8 of the by-laws (Jochen Weiland / BCC)
    • Change the online Voting (Volker Graubaum)
    • List only members, which paid their Registration fee (Ingo Schmitt / BCC)
  12. Programme of activities
  13. Appointment of honorary members
  14. Complaints about administrative bodies, decisions on dismissing members of the board, or any ordinary member, or any application for membership
  15. Various other topics, not assigned to another body


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