What is it?

The General Assembly is:

  1. the body with the highest authority within the association.
  2. an annual meeting where all the basic decisions about the budget and about the projects are taken.

Tasks and Responsibilities

The Duties of the General Assembly are:

  1. Election of the person in charge of counting the votes
  2. Protocol of the prior Assembly
  3. Annual report by the Chairman
  4. Annual balance sheet and report by the accountants. Disencumbering of members of the board, cashier, accountants and commissions
  5. Admission and suspension of members
  6. Budget for the running year
  7. Determination of admission fees and annual dues for all types of members
  8. Elections of
    1. Members of the board (Chairman, Vice-chairman, Secretary und Cashier)
    2. Associate members of the board.
    3. Accountants
    4. Members of commissions
  9. Petitions
    1. of the board
    2. of members
  10. Programme of activities
  11. Amendments of these By-Laws
  12. Appointment of Honorary Members
  13. Complaints about administrative bodies, decisions on dismissing members of the board or of any ordinary member, or any application for membership
  14. Various other topics, not assigned to another body.