Frequently Asked Question

This Association has been founded hoping to help TYPO3 development and the overall good of the project. Many questions are still to be answered, but some already have been. Please see here the FAQ.

If you want to help in any of the Committees and have time and knowledge to actively contribute, please contact info(at) telling us what you would like to do.

What are the tasks of the association?

The main task is to support core development on a more steady basis and improve the transparency and efficiency of various aspects of the TYPO3 project.

Check this for further information about the Associations goals and objectives.

Why is it located in Switzerland, instead of Denmark, Germany, UK, Uganda...?

In Switzerland we can maintain Euro-bank accounts and it also seemed like the most "international" location to us, as many NGOs are located there. Since the Association is a tax-exempt non-profit organisation, tax rates have not been of relevance.

Why did you not create a foundation?

Because foundations do not have members or collect membership fees and we wanted the organisation to be based on participation.

What types of members does the assoction have?

The association has two kinds of members:

  • supporting members
  • honorary members

More information can be found at How it works.

How can I help?

Check out the list of committees and their assignments. Contact any of the people in these groups and tell them what you could contribute.

Is there a mechanism planned to avoid that companies of association-members get projects out of the contact address?

Any member of the association can do commercial work. The customer solely chooses who they want to hire.

The website of the association will clearly state that the association itself is not doing any such projects and will link to places to get further information. The communication channels like mailing lists are open and everybody can read them. A few lists related to security and legal topics are closed but other members might be involved in this mailing lists too.

In the commitees the work will be done. How will they be organised? What will they do?

That depends on the committee. The committees will be open groups consisting mainly of people from the community. We offer tools to provide them with easy ways of communication (mailing lists, task trackers and the like).

What is the defintion for "person" and "institution"?

A person in legal terms is an individual person:

The Swiss legal system considers a natural person to be any human being. A natural person is a legal subject, endowed with legal capacity and the holder of rights and duties.

An institution (in legal terms: a juridical person) is a bearer of rights and duties that is not a natural person (that is, not a human being) but which is given legal personality by the law - for example, a company.

How do I write an invoice to the TYPO3 Association?

If you have applied for a budget and it was granted, the detailed process for invoicing the TYPO3 Association is explained in the section funding.

Which bank accounts can I use to transfer money to the TYPO3 Association?

You can use these bank accouts:

Payment in EURO
Bank name: Sparkasse Hochrhein
Account no.: 77015428
BLZ: 69452290
IBAN: DE18 6845 2290 0077 0154 28

Payment in EURO/CHF
Bank name: Credit Suisse
Account no.: 395125-52
BIC: 4835
IBAN: CH96 0483 5039 5125 5100 0