Business Control Committee

Members of the BCC started this year to discuss the further steps on how to proceed with their work. They had a first look in the TYPO3 Association accounting, and formulated questions to understand the underlying accounts schema and booking methods. The committee has a list of receipts to be controlled and agreed on checking agreements and processes in the different parts of the TYPO3 Association's annual budget for every year.

On the upcoming agenda of the BCC are the following items:

  • Controlling the budgets and their usage by the budget-owners.
  • Regular Online Meetings to coordinate the different issues arising.
  • Consulting of the budget-owners about the upcoming budget year.
  • Creating transparency and improving communication to TYPO3 Association members.
  • Enhance the quality of the budget usage.
  • Initialize new and desired budget.
  • Reduce costs by finding ineffective processes or suppliers.
  • Create and issue a Rules of Procedure for their work within the TYPO3 Association bylaws.
  • Control the agreements issued and accepted by the TYPO3 Association leading to spending and acquiring funds.
  • Install a reports system to be able to forecast budgetary needs or actions.
  • Support the transition of the TYPO3 Association towards greater budgetary funds by endorsing the governance within the different bodies.
  • Issue a quarterly report to the TYPO3 Association members, administrative and executive boards.
  • Report to the TYPO3 Association's general assembly.
  • Regular physical and online meetings with members of the TYPO3 Association and the TYPO3 Community.

It is the desire of the BCC to enable as much transparency as possible yet to keep discretion as regards interpersonal communication.

We are devoted to the community of people in the TYPO3 world. We wish to maintain and enrich a culture of mutual respect and constructive criticism.

Please feel free to contact the Business Control Commitee by email to bcc(at)

The TYPO3 Association members elect the BCC. As of the General Assembly on 2014-02-01 the BCC consist of:

Roberto Torresani | BCC Member

Roberto Torresani
BCC Member

Elected until 2019.

Ingo Schmitt | BCC Member

Ingo Schmitt
BCC Member

Elected until 2019.

Jochen Weilland | BCC Member

Jochen Weilland
BCC Member

Elected until 2018.

Marco Klawonn | BCC Member

Marco Klawonn
BCC Member

Elected until 2018.