Who and Why

In November 2004 a group of people from the TYPO3 community consisting of Kasper Skårhøj, René Fritz, Robert Lemke, Daniel Hinderink, Dan Frost, Adrian Zimmermann, Dominic Brander, and Christian Jul Jensen founded the TYPO3 Association.

The basic idea was to raise money through membership fees to pay for long-term development, that sponsors with their short-term goals would not be willing to fund.

Starting from that idea, a few other goals have been added. 

  • Fostering development of TYPO3;
  • Organization of events for the purpose of information and education of its members;
  • Supporting the adaption of international software standards within TYPO3;
  • Education and certification to ensure quality of service;
  • Communication with its members and the general public, to spread the further knowledge and proficiency for the usage of the TYPO3 software, especially by virtue of its project website

About the association


The TYPO3 Association has two types of members:

Supporting Members
Supporting Membership is open to everyone. This website provides an online application form and payment method for membership fees. Members are either people or companies that want to help the projects by paying for them through their membership fees.

All Members can (and hopefully do!) sport a membership logo on their website and get some discounts at conferences and such.

Honorary Members
There are four Honorary Members:

  • Kasper Skårhøj, honorary president (kasper(at)typo3.org)
    Kasper invented and programmed much of the original TYPO3, which he published in August 2000 and continued to do so until about 2007. He attended many of the events and produced podcasts for your amusement.

  • Daniel Hinderink, honorary member (daniel(at)typo3.org)
    Daniel spent a few years trying to market TYPO3 and also co-founded the association. 
    He is sometimes present at the Snowboard Tour and otherwise helps out, when it's needed, like writing this website.

  • Dominic Brander, honorary member (dominic(at)typo3.org)
    Dominic was the leader of the TYPO3 certification team and co-founded the association.

  • Gina Steiner, honorary member (gina(at)typo3.org)
    Gina lead the TYPO3 Developer Days to one of the most popular TYPO3 events and played the central role in the restructuring of the association in 2011/12.

Bodies and Structure

The Association consists of the following bodies:

General Assembly
The GA is the highest authority and elects the board, controls its work, and generally decides on all matters of importance in its annual meeting. It is open to all members.

The board is the executive body taking care of daily administrative work, legal matters, and accounting. Click for current members and details on tasks and responsibilities.

Expert Advisory Board
The expert advisory board is responsible for managing the affairs of the association.

Business Control Committee
The business control committee can review all project loans for conformity of expenditure with the loan application, achieving the set objectives and cost- effective project completion.

The expert advisory board and the association's board shall appoint advisory committees or individual persons without discretionary authority for specific tasks.

Bylaws of the TYPO3 Association