Show your support to the TYPO3 project and its community by sponsoring events and activities organized by the TYPO3 Assoication.
This page offers a starting point to the sponsoring opportunities and on who to contact for your sponsoring.

Sponsoring opportunities

Event or activitySponsoring detailsContact
Organized by the TYPO3 Association
TYPO3 Developer Days 2017WebsiteAndrea Herzog-Kienast
TYPO3 Conference 2017 *)Website**)Events Committee
TYPO3 University Day 2017WebsiteTYPO3 Academic Commitee
TYPO3 Certifuncation 2017WebsiteNicki Uhlbach
TYPO3 Rookies 2017WebsiteAndrea Herzog-Kienast
TYPO3 CMS Core TeamWebsiteCMS Core Team
Organized by Community Members under the Patronage of the TYPO3 Association
T3UXW 2017 (TYPO3 User Experience Week)WebsitePetra Hasenau
Last updated: 14.02.2017
*) Event status: In planning
**) Former years website


Do not hesitate to contact us: info(at)typo3.org