As a budget owner, you are resonsible for your budget:

  • Take care that your budget is not exceeding. If it it exeeds (because you have send in to many invoices), the additional money can not be paid! So we highly recommend, that you have a list of all invoices.
  • Keep deadlines: 
    • in your budget application you committed yourself to milestones. Keep in mind, that your budget is bound to these milestones
    • Book keeping closes around 15th of december each year. So send in your invoices before this deadline
  • Report your acitvietes. Most budgets are bound to a report. So please don't forget to create the report
  • take care that invoices are formal correct

Formal requirements

When you are receiving an invoice, please check:

  • does the invoice notes your budget number? (if not, let it add)
  • the invoice must not be older then twenty days
  • the invoice must respect the travel regulations
  • working hours are paid only up to 6 hours per day with a rate of 55 €. Working hours are only paid, if they are granted in the budget