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Electronic communication

Postal address

Sihlbruggstrasse 105
6340 Baar, Switzerland

Phone: +41 41 511 00 35
Fax: +41 41 511 00 39

Get in touch with the Board of TYPO3 Association

If you have any questions about the TYPO3 Association, you can use Slack, to get in touch with the Board:


Press contact (Only for Press contact)

Mathias Bolt Lesniak (TYPO3 Association Press & Public Relations)
Email: mathias.bolt.lesniak(at)typo3.org
Sihlbruggstrasse 105
CH-6340 Baar

Mailing lists for TYPO3 Association members

For discussions about the TYPO3 Association and its members please use the open mailing list: t3a-about(at)lists.association.typo3.org.

This list is accessible to everyone.

Managing your mailing list subscription

Mailing list subscriptions can be managed at: http://lists.association.typo3.org.

Please note that the TYPO3 Association mailing lists are not meant for TYPO3 technical support.

Looking for TYPO3 CMS support?

If you need TYPO3 CMS support, please use the appropriate list matching your topic under http://lists.typo3.org for community based help and directions.

Or check the professional services listing here: http://typo3.org/support/professional-services/.