TYPO3 Association Membership

Purpose of the TYPO3 Association

In November 2004, members of the TYPO3 community, together with Kasper Skårhøj (the original developer of TYPO3) and other long-term contributors, prepared and founded a not-for-profit organisation called the TYPO3 Association. The main goal of the TYPO3 Association is to support core development and improve the transparency and efficiency of various aspects of the TYPO3 project. The TYPO3 Association is part of the TYPO3 project and the official representative of TYPO3, aimed at offering support or helping wherever necessary. The TYPO3 Association's work is funded by members and sponsors, and its existence is essential for ensuring the future of TYPO3. Most of the work inside the TYPO3 Association is done on a voluntary basis and all monetary funds go directly to developing, supporting, improving and marketing the various TYPO3 projects.

What is my donation used for?

Like most Open Source projects, TYPO3 is reliant on funding to support certain vital components of development, administration and legal issues. For example, some TYPO3 core developers make it their full-time profession to work on important TYPO3 projects and need funding to support their work; volunteers get their travel expenses covered. The security team requires funding to stay up-to-date and protect the integrity of more than 500,000 TYPO3 websites worldwide, while other teams, working on usability, design, marketing, release management and certification, require funding to ensure their work can be executed in a timely and regular fashion.