Web Content Management 2017

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Rasmus Skjoldan, Neos designer and TYPO3 brand manager, has been working intensively on the interface for TYPO3 Neos. during that quest he put together a document where he asked both TYPO3 Neos team members and some of the brightest experts in the WCM fields about their predictions concerning Web Content Management in 2017.

Hi Future! How will the web be built in 2017?

The document on CMS predictions has already managed to get the attention of quite some people in the WCM field and is a document that is not only important for the development of the next-generation content management system by the TYPO3 project, but is also that has a significance in the WCM area as such. International experts, thinkers, developers, CMS clients, vendors & architects have shared with the TYPO3Neos team their predictions on how the web will be built in the future. These people are: Karen McGrane,  Janus Boye,  Alain Veuve, Perttu Tolvanen, Boris Kraft, Kian Gould, Martin Goldbach Olsen, Jacob Floyd, Mikkel Staunsholm, Olivier Dobberkau, Daniel Hinderink, Christian Badse, Robert Lemke, Jan-Erik Revsbech, Sebastian Kurfuerst, Anders Bendix Kiel, Chritian Nilson and the author himself, Rasmus Skjoldan. This is both their and the team’s own short stories about constructing web experiences in 2017 - about the tools that make the web.

BACKGROUND story of the 2017 WCM forecast

Writing the roadmap of a WCMS is a remarkable challenge. Paradoxically, it’s about building a tool to do things we don’t fully know what are. To help inspire the TYPO3 Neos team plan beyond our 1.0 release, we asked these experts from around the world on their takes on the future of CMS - and blended it all with our own thoughts. We wanted input on how organizations will likely manage their content - and organize the overarching experiences that people deliver through CMS products. With TYPO3 open source software, we will be responding to both market demands, business needs, technology opportunities and general ideas about publishing on the web. Our technology is an answer to many different questions and phenomonae. That’s why we asked such different kinds of people to join this fascinating discussion. These extracts of knowledge and experience will now go into our thinking and further planning of the TYPO3 Neos software. We hope it will also be inspirational to anyone else interested in digital publishing, the web, content management or software planning. Please find the full document as a PDF below and available at slideshare as presentation.
All the quotes are kindly given to the Neos team specifically for this collection. Feel free to share via #typo3neos Questions about the 2017 WCM forecast can be sent to Rasmus Skjoldan at rasmus@typo3.org