TYPO3 Neos Technical Discussion August 20th

Categories: Development, Community created by Berit Hlubek
Today we had another technical discussion meeting for TYPO3 Flow and Neos. Two topics were discussed: the TypoScript folder as well as the usage of event sourcing in workspaces.

TypoScript folder

Neos stores TypoScript in Resources/Private, TYPO3 CMS with Extbase has the convention to store it in Configuration/TypoScript. In case of Neos somehow it makes sense to have it in Configuration. We wanted to discuss that topic as it would be a breaking change to move the TypoScript. Conclusion:
In contrary to TYPO3 CMS in Neos we don’t use TypoScript (exclusively) for configuration. Thus we keep the current folder structure (for now) being: - Resources
-- Private
--- TypoScript
---- Libraries (optional)

Usage of event sourcing in workspaces / history

CQRS / ES has been discussed for a few times now (also with Thomas, Sebastian and Robert) so we tried to put some thoughts on paper. It seems now that it might be an interesting approach for making a publish less error prone, it could be used for shine through nodes and could be the basis for a full history of content changes.
It would be good to discuss if it makes sense to actually do a prototype based on those ideas. Conclusion:
Sounds like a great idea that enables neat features like Undo/Redo and it reduces the chance for merge conflicts.
This won't make it into 1.0 most probably, but Rens keeps investigating and tries implementing a first prototype as soon as possible. The next technical discussion meeting is scheduled for September 3rd, 3pm CEST at http://bit.ly/FlowHangout