TYPO3 Marketingsprint @Bad Homburg

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Productive time with productive people
On the 18th of May, the TYPO3 Marketing Team and the TYPO3 Design Team invited to a global Marketing Sprint. On Monday evening I welcomed all attendees and presented them the results of the two styleguide sprints which the Design Team have conducted earlier this year. Right after this presentation and introduction on the planning for the next days, socializing began.And, obviously, the Split of TYPO3 and Neos CMS was topic no. 1.
On Tuesday we started to work in four groups. The work packages were prepared and prioritized by the Marketing Team. We've been working on a TYPO3 product flyer, a TYPO3 association flyer, a TYPO3 presentation template and on a concept for the new typo3.org (yes, that's what your read!) as well as communication streams.

It was really inspiring to collaborate in four interdisciplinary teams - with marketers, designer, frontend Developer and other people from the community.

After all, we can proudly state that we achieved our goals even though less people were able to contribute (due to illness).

We created a TYPO3 product flyer in A4 format which can be used for fairs and pitches. We've also produced a DIN-Long flyer which can be send out with mailings. In addition to that, we built two flyers for the TYPO3 Association. In order to let DIN A4 flyer do look better, (especially in fairs) we created a TYPO3 folder to put in our two flyers or even more material from agencies.

Besides this, there was a creative group sticking their heads together and thinking about typo3.org, t3-blog or other websites and services all around TYPO3.Last but not least we put some love in creating a keynote deck according to the styleguide with some helpful examples you can easily adopt.

Most important for the TYPO3 Design Team was that their new styleguide was tested under real conditions. So, some people had to start working with those new preset data and the styleguide itself. And we got a lot of nice feedback.

What's your benefit?

Quite soon you'll get the full collatoral. The flyers itself right now are getting proof read and will be printed soon.
The Design Team will add the feedback to the styleguide pretty soon and release a Beta Version of the styleguide at styleguide.typo3.org. The webstrategy will be discussed with the teams involved and will be presented afterwards as well.

After all, we have reached all our goals but we want to achieve more for this sprint. A lot more is on our agenda. So, if you want to help/to get involved in the Marketing or Design Team contact us: <link>alain.veuve@typo3.org or <link>fabian.stein@typo3.org.

We need you and we hope to get even more speed and quality into TYPO3 Marketing.

A big "Thank you!" to the following people and the companies behind - you all make a difference for TYPO3. You are a role model we hope others will follow.

Christian Händel (Interfrog)
Philipp Randt (überblick)
Bianca Niestroj (punkt.de)
Fabian Stein (punkt.de)
Natalie Klinke (Natalie Klinke Webprogrammierung)
Daniel Homorodean (arxia)
Volker Neuenhaus (PAGEmachine AG)    
Vaula Alto (PAGEmachine AG)
Ingo Schmitt (marketing-factory)
Sarah Liebert (marketing-factory)
Boris Hinzer (web-vision)
Michel Löw (Löw&Salzmann GbR)
Olivier Dobberkau (dkd)