TYPO3 Joins CMS Experts Group

Categories: Community, Association Created by Mathias Bolt Lesniak
For an open source community-driven project like our CMS, it is important to network and exchange ideas with the industry at large. That’s why the TYPO3 Association is joining CMS analysts, experts, and other vendors in Boye & Co’s CMS Experts Group.

Active with meetings in both Europe and North America, the group is a forum created to set the agenda for future industry developments, provide feedback, and share thoughts and ideas around content management.

An Established Community with Experienced Individuals

“With TYPO3 joining the CMS Expert Group, we welcome both an established open source community and some very experienced individuals to the forum,” says Janus Boye, founder, host, and lead at Boye & Co. “As we're adapting together to new times, it's crucial to get these voices into the conversation, so that we can jointly set the agenda for a better future.”

Existing members of the CMS Expert Group include representatives from other CMSes, such as Sitecore, Episerver, Craft, and Gatsby, as well as buyers and analysts.

Advancing TYPO3 and the CMS Field

The initiative to join the group was taken by TYPO3 Association president Olivier Dobberkau, who has been active in the group as an individual member for some time. He will continue his participation as a representative of TYPO3.

The insights can now be extended to other central people from the TYPO3 organization. The new membership allows for up to two seats in the group, as well as the possibility for two others to join in meetings.

Each group meeting results in a public document intended to stimulate public discussion and further advance the CMS field. 

The TYPO3 Association hopes the membership will benefit the entire TYPO3 community with new thoughts and ideas, and help guide the process of developing the CMS we all love.

Proofreading: Heidi Stevens