TYPO3 conference survey

Categories: Community Created by Volker Graubaum
The event team has created a small online survey to get your feedback for next year's conference.
This year was packed with TYPO3 events. We had an unprecendented number of codesprints and TYPO3camps. As usual there are the official TYPO3 events like the Snowboard Tour, the TYPO3 conference and the Developer Days. The event team is focused to bring you the best experience with the TYPO3 events we can offer, not only for the TYPO3 community, but also for developers, decisionmakers and anyone else involved in the TYPO3 ecosystem. For that reason the event team has created a small online survey for your feedback especially for next year's conference. It is really small and it will not take you more then a minute to do the survey. Your feedback is appreciated, so we can create the best conference experience for you!

Go to the Online Survey: goo.gl/vQ0xb