TYPO3 Association Funds TYPO3 Marketplace Initiative

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The TYPO3 Association has decided to fund the TYPO3 Marketplace initiative with € 5.000. By funding this initiative we emphasize the importance of this initiative. It has always been our goal to make professional solutions and services more easily available to members.

At the General Assembly in 2016, we presented the outline of the TYPO3 GmbH. The creation of a marketplace was mentioned. As the TYPO3 GmbH evolved, the marketplace was given a lower priority. This prompted members wishing a faster process to take on parts of the work themselves.

For this reason, the TYPO3 agencies Pagemachine, Snowflake, and Web-vision approached the TYPO3 GmbH to discuss implementing the marketplace sooner. As a result, the TYPO3 Marketplace initiative was founded. The agencies involved created a proof-of-concept and a crowdfunding campaign to fund the effort.

The TYPO3 Association would like to stimulate members to proactively develop initiatives benefitting the TYPO3 Community. We would also like to support specific projects promoting the growth of the TYPO3 CMS market.

However, more funding is still needed. We strongly encourage everyone to support this initiative and make their pledge here.