TYPO3 4.7 Beta1 released - Feature Freeze hit

Categories: Development

Today the TYPO3 community released version 4.7 beta1 as the next step on our roadmap to the final release of 4.7, which will be released on April 24th, 2012.

With releasing Beta1 we have reached "Feature Freeze" for the upcoming version and will now concentrate on fixing the remaining bugs.

This means that there will be no changes to the public API as well as to the SQL structure anymore.

TYPO3 4.7 will ship with an interesting set of new features, possibilities and bug fixes. Some of the originally planned features, such as ExtJS 4 integration andthe File Abstraction Layer, are shifted to the next TYPO3 version. 


There's plenty of new stuff besides that shipped in Beta1 and will be available in TYPO3 version 4.7. 

For example the following three general things have been achieved:

  • The forceCharset option has been deprecated in version 4.5. UTF-8 is now enforced. Even though other values than "utf-8" have not been possible anymore since some time, the option's value has been queried at plenty of places within the whole core. These references, the option in the Install Tool, as well as many defaults with charset “iso-8859-1” in several classes have been changed, so TYPO3 now works UTF-8-only internally.
  • The Backend modules “about” and “aboutmodules” have been migrated to Extbase in order to show how to build simple backend modules with extbase and in addition to clean up the codebase.

Additionally there are much new features within the following categories, each being a highlight on its own:

  • HTML5 frontend rendering
  • Backend / Backend UI
  • htmlArea Rich-Text-Editor
  • Security
  • TypoScript / Frontend
  • System Extension "Frontend Login"
  • Development
  • Performance
  • Cleanup



Besides all the amazing new stuff already about 160 bugs have been fixed since the release of 4.6 in October 2011.

For details about this particular release and the current progress, please read up on:




We also have an introductionpackage for beta1, which allows testing the new features right away on a fresh installation. Experienced users can of course opt to upgrade an existing installation to the new 4.7beta1 version, but keeping in mind that this is still a snapshot of our development so far, and more changes and fixes will be included in further releases.

You can download the Beta packages from:


MD5 checksums:

bb369c2bf6c84c0126a29321def514c3  blankpackage-4.7.0beta1.tar.gz
472a1be9412ed1bfcc4c8be1910dc70c  blankpackage-4.7.0beta1.zip
cd6c2b2af7db6e01b19cb1d00936e332  dummy-4.7.0beta1.tar.gz
921779b68e928125c5a87a361e813678  dummy-4.7.0beta1.zip
BROKEN 0715c4a4bf983068ef32e3a8fd380f61  governmentpackage-4.7.0beta1.tar.gz  
BROKEN 52c0172983b47ebf7d628545974b3045  governmentpackage-4.7.0beta1.zip 
055af364abfb50cb39940df0cd73306d  introductionpackage-4.7.0beta1.tar.gz
03a3f99edadafcaae9c1de4541b10b5e  introductionpackage-4.7.0beta1.zip
ec1a4433ebf7781124e6c01e147fda19  typo3_src+dummy-4.7.0beta1.zip
883860adcc72d595ff6b5f7cfc9aca08  typo3_src-4.7.0beta1.tar.gz
cf85d6ff83177074dd21b6d5f44d261c  typo3_src-4.7.0beta1.zip

Updated Packages:
245d36e0331272dacac6dcaea0c45a47  governmentpackage-4.7-snapshot-20120304.tar.gz
744dc7ae098966e802eb9f27f6cad250  governmentpackage-4.7-snapshot-20120304.zip