This Week in TYPO3 (Week 22, 2014)

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First 100 days if the executive secretary, team news, GSoC, code sprint, camp, events and child care
Week ending June 5


Design Team

Robert Zierhofer has led the design team for a number of years after dropping into the TYPO3 community with the <link http: news article t3o-typo3org-relaunch-week-off-to-a-good-start>first code sprint at the Linux Hotel in Essen. Robert has been responsible for a number of designs including the latest conference website design for this year's <link http:>TYPO3 conference in Berlin. Robert lets us know that he has no time to lead the team for now, due to workload and focus on his own agency, <link http:>ONEDROP Solutions. Thanks Rob for all the fish!

TYPO3 Association

Naike Beggiato is executive secretary for the TYPO3 Association and has been now working for 100 days for the TYPO3 Association. Stefan Busemann <link http: home news news-detail>asks her some questions about her job. The primary task of the executive secretary is to support the TYPO3 Association with a priority on membership related activities. Naike explains the challenge of understanding who is responsible for what in the huge TYPO3 community. The next 100 days will have a focus on membership administration and improving the communication between the TYPO3 association and the community. The contact details of the Executive Secretary are: Naike Beggiato
Office: +41 41 511 00 35
Mobile: +41 79 104 73 64
Mail: naike.beggiato(at)
Twitter: @T3A_Naike Naike can be contacted during normal office hours Monday to Friday. You can reach out to Naike for all enquiries directed to the TYPO3 Association, and she will be glad to coordinate the communication internally and to get back to you. Should you have anything to report regarding events, news, Association’s website information, or your membership to the Association, please get in touch with her.

Google Summer of Code

Mid-term evaluation of the GsoC projects is coming up on June 23. Here is an overview of what the current stae of the four projects is. Krys Nuvad (Mentor - Karsten Damblekans) has started a <link https: krysy gsoc-typo3-neos.formbuilder>github repository for a TYPO3 Neos formbuilder. The current state is not really useful yet. Stefano Kowalke (Mentor – Felix Oertel) has a <link https: typo3-coreapi ext-coreapi tree develop>version of coreapi prepared to work with TYPO3 CMS 6.2 and is continuing work on that. Rahul Mahadev (Mentor - Søren Malling) has a <link http:>blog where he reports on his activities and a <link https: hybridneo rahul.socialconnect>github repository for his a multi-channel connector to simultaneously publish posts from the Neos installation itself. This project is currently in a working state. Rachitha Senevirathne (Mentor – Christian Julle Jensen) has not really produced anything in his 'User Management for TYPO3 Flow' project due to several circumstances. More info will be coming after the mid-term evaluation.


Server Admin Team (June 27 – 29, Lucerne, Switzerland)

The Server Admin Team is meeting for a sprint weekend in beautiful Lucerne (@snowflake) from June 27th to 29th. If anybody wants to jion then please contact the server team at <link>

NEOS Eindhoven (June 15 - 18)

From Sunday, June 15 - Wednesday, June 18 a <link http: neos_code_sprint_june_2014>NEOS code sprint will take place in Eindhoven sponsored by the TU/e (Technical University Eindhoven). The takes place just before the start of the <link http:>Developer Days.


Upcoming TYPO3camps

TYPO3camp Berlin (June 27 - 29)

The SAE Institute Berlin is again the location for <link http:>TYPO3camp Berlin. With it's fully equipped rooms SAE is the ideal location for your sessions.

TYPO3camp Bremen (August 8 – 10)

Ticket sale for <link http:>TYPO3camp Bremen is open. The camp in Bremen is a kind of replacement for TYPO3camp Hamburg, which is not being organised this year.

TYPO3camp Mallorca (September 12 – 14)

Ticket sale for the <link http: news article third-international-typo3camp-mallorca>international TYPO3camp Mallorca is open. There is a small contingent of cheap rooms and the organisation is looking for international sponsors.


Developer Days (June 19 – 22, Eindhoven, the Netherlands)

Just a few days and we will be kicking of the Developer Days in the Netherlands. The organisation, Edward Lenssen, Andrea Herzog, Patrick Broens asks your attention for some room we have for Birds Of a Feather sessions. BoFs are informal and often formed in an ad hoc manner. If there is a topic on your mind. You have space at T3DD14 to talk with other people who are also interested in the topic. See you in the '<link http: en introduction introducing_eindhoven>City Of Light'!

CMS Day (June 17, Paris, France)

Open Source company Smile organises another CMS Day this year. TYPO3 will of course be present at this event that features around 20 Open Source CMS-es. TYPO3 is features in two round table discussions on multi-site strategies and on Open Source business models. Maxime Fauquemberg and Olivier Dobberkau will represent TYPO3 in these round table. You can find the full program on the CMS Day website: <link http: programme>

OpenExpo (June 26, Madrid, Spain)

<link http: news article meet-typo3-at-openexpo-day-in-madrid>TYPO3 will be present as Sponsor at the OpenExpo Day in Madrid, on June 26th, 2014. The OpenExpo Day is an annual event of the spanish Open Source community, which attracts international guests and sponsors. This lively event offers keynote speeches, conferences, workshops, and demos of Open Source software and solutions.

Childcare at events

I have been talking a number of times about childcare at events in the scope of getting more diversity in the TYPO3 community. This was mainly with Irene Höppner, but lately I also discussed it with Thomas Löffler, who is a fresh daddy.

As community manager of the TYPO3 community I participate in some teams. I do not consider taking initiative on the child care front. This article is aimed at raising awareness about it and pointing out the importance of childcare at events.

We can only create a diverse community if we reach out to people and enable them to participate. A diverse community is important from a number of perspectives I have written about this topic before in an article called '<link http: post reach-out-and-be-inclusive>Reach out and be inclusive'. The Community Working Group I recently started with Benni, Gina and Christian also has the topic of diversity high on it's agenda. Irene points out to me in a mail exchange that childcare has to be taken care of very early in the organization process, because child care needs to be considered during room planning and financial planning. It was my intention to arrange child care for T3DD14, but I failed to keep it on the agenda. Irene provides an overview of the arguments often heard and stresses that planning reliability and quality of child care is important.
  • "We might provide child care, but we don't know yet" is useless for all those without the 'my-wife-will-take-care-of-the-children-anyways' support

  • "We'll provide child care only if there are enough registrations that include the wish for child care" is useless for all those without the my-wife-will-take-care-of-the-children-anyways support

  • "Hey, why not organize it yourself" isn't much better. It's like "Hey, build your bed you want to sleep in yourself". I would rather use the time it needs to build the bed for watching the videos and not join the event.

  • "Hey, we parents can take turns" still means a need of space and toys. The insurance situation is unclear which can be a big problem if a child gets injured. Parents usually don't have pedagogical education (It's a rumor not a fact that parents/mothers are good caregivers just because they have children themselves). Besides that changing the career during child care is not recommended as a relationship to the caregiver can not be established in that case. The chance is high that at least some children won't accept that and there will be a lot of calls to the parents of those children. We also have bad experiences if a child of the caregiver is present. So that "solution" would be a huge compromise in case of quality.

Irene recommends support of the TYPO3 Association and allocating a part of the event budget for child care to solve this in a prefessional way. She concludes “IMHO seriously supporting women means to treat child care like every other essential service on events.” Check out the events calendar for a user group meeting, code sprint or other event near you: <link http: events> Do not hesitate to share you TYPO3 activities in 'This Week in TYPO3'. Just let me (@benvantende) know what you are up to.