This Week in TYPO3 (Week 15, 2014)

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Neos 1.1 beta release, 10th international TYPO3 conference in Berlin, TYPO3camp Venlo, Documentation Sprint, Educational Committee and Community Working Group
Week ending April 11

TYPO3 Flow/Neos

After 265 commits, thousands of lines of code changed and 2 code sprints, we <link http: news typo3-neos-1-1-beta-1-released.html>release the first beta version of Neos 1.1 today. A total number of 30 contributors, dedicated team members and a supportive community made this release possible. The <link http:>Neos website contains extensive information on how to download and install and about all new features. Upcoming and much anticipated features for TYPO3 Neos will be multi-language (content dimensions) and access rights.


10th international TYPO3 conference (October 8-10, Berlin, Germany)

The 10th international TYPO3 conference will be taking place on October 8-10, 2014 in Berlin! Spend three nice, interesting and exciting days in one of the most beautiful cities in the world at T3CON14EU, the main event revolving around TYPO3 CMS, TYPO3 FLOW, TYPO3 NEOS, Content Management, and Community.

TYPO3camp Venlo (April 11-13, Venlo, The Netherlands)

TYPO3camp Venlo was this past weekend. All participants gathered on Saturday morning and started with the usual session planning. With 55 participants it was not a big camp, but there was quite a large variety of international people including Switzerland, India and Poland. It was great the camp had a good combination of Neos and CMS people and we might even see some of the Neos people visit the next CMS code sprint in Bremen. Christian Müller did quite some good introductions to Neos and in one session lead by Hrishi Lele the participants came up with a basis for some Neos promotion.

Code sprints

Documentation sprint (April 10-12, Fribourg, Switzerland)

The Documentation Team convened on Thursday for its first code sprint ever until Sunday, in Fribourg Switzerland. The first afternoon was spent taking an overview of the current situation, several members reporting about the status of their area of specialisation, in particular the whole set-up. This allowed the team to better define the direction and to outline some rough tasks. The team discussed the Flow application which is meant to be the central hub for documentation rendering. Specifically for the Flow application Karsten Dambekalns participated in the sprint. Another special guest was Dominique Feyer with whom the participants investigated the possibility to integrate documentation into a TYPO3 Neos web site. Guido Haase participated in the documentation team for the first time. Guido is already a member of the editorial team. Not all code sprints have social events, but it seemed like an appropriate thing to do for the first such sprint. Early in the evening we moved to beautiful Gruyères, where we had a guided tour of the H. R. Giger (of Alien fame) museum. The evening continued with a delicious Swiss fondue.


Education Committee

Fostering the educational mandate of the TYPO3 Association the TYPO3 education committee was <link http: news article the-typo3-education-committee-starts-its-work>started with key persons from the TYPO3 education area: Pascal Dürsteler (Lead Certification Team), Stefan Busemann (Representative of the T3A Board), Boris Hinzer (Lead Editorial Team), Naike Beggiato (T3A Executive Secretary), Patrick Lobacher (Author of the What’s New Slides) and Peter Pröll (Committee Lead). If you like to get involved in the education committee on a regular and reliable base than please get in touch with Peter (

Community Working Group

Another initiative that <link http: news article always-look-on-the-bright-side-of-life>started last week is the Community Working Group. Ben van ‘t Ende as community manager, Benni Mack and Christian Müller, as community contacts for respectively the CMS and Neos teams and Gina Steiner as former vice president of the TYPO3 Association developed a personal itch to foster community diversity, interaction and motivation. Which resulted in formation of the Community Working Group (CWG). The Community Working Group will focus on the following topics:
  • Team Communication/Interaction
  • Motivation
  • Code of Conduct
  • Diversity
  • Happiness
  • Values like trust, openness, sharing and inspiring (guarding 'Inspiring People To Share')?
The CWG is happy to find Kasper Skårhøj supporting this initiative with the words: “It's important to resolve conflicts in a respectful way and in virtual communities its even more important to prevent and resolve conflicts effectively.Check out the events calendar for a user group meeting, code sprint or other event near you: <link http: events> Do not hesitate to share you TYPO3 activities in 'This Week in TYPO3'. Just let me (@benvantende) know what you are up to.