This Week in TYPO3 (Week 13, 2014)

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TYPO3 CMS 6.2 LTS released and Inspiring Conference about TYPO3 Flow and TYPO3 Neos
Week ending March 28


TYPO3 CMS is here to stay. Long Term Support version released

On Tuesday, March 25 TYPO3 CMS 6.2 LTS was released accompanied by 27 release parties in and outside of Europe. The social media were buzzing all day about the release and the days after were filled with kudos and an official thank you to release manager Ernesto Baschny and the team that made this Long Term Support Release possible.
Along with this release TYPO3 CMS - What's New Slides were published in 8 different languages. The slides summarise new features, significant improvements, important changes and key facts of new TYPO3 releases in a comprehensive but compact format. Typo3blogger Peter Kraume reports in his thank you article that 6500 patches were merged into the TYPO3 core by more than 340 contributors! Together they inserted 2,4 million lines of code and deleted 2,0 million lines. The article also features the top 20 of committers preceded by the number of commits:
  • (705) Christian Kuhn
  • (351) Wouter Wolters
  • (311) Helmut Hummel
  • (281) Oliver Hader
  • (234) Xavier Perseguers
  • (220) Stefan Neufeind
  • (202) Felix Kopp
  • (196) Georg Ringer
  • (182) Markus Klein
  • (152) Stanislas Rolland
  • (149) Steffen Ritter
  • (136) Philipp Gampe
  • (131) Nicole Cordes
  • (120) Anja Leichsenring
  • (118) Jigal van Hemert
  • (111) Benjamin Mack
  • (110) Alexander Schnitzler
  • (107) Steffen Gebert
  • (95) Roland Waldner
  • (90) Marc Bastian Heinrichs


Inspiring Conference (March 28-29, Kolbermoor, Germany)

It was the third time the conference was held and received a more generic name with Inspiring Conference. Inspiring Conference is organised by Techdivision. By it's one-track nature it is a very focused conference and esides the many technical talks a good number of talks also focused on the human side of our business.
Picture by Techdivision In my opening talk I pointed out that as a community we have great technical skills, but people skills or the soft skills need attention as well on order to maintain a healthy community. People skills are just as difficult to learn as programming languages, but once you master them you will be able to find a common ground for people who think differently, you will be able to lead difficult conversations and feel confident about your contributions without criticizing others. The 'human' side was also a large part of the presentation "The Driven Developer" by PHP guru Sebastian Bergmann. There are a number of wrap-ups that perfectly describe the two Inspiring days:
Robert Lemke - Picture by Techdivision All Inspiring Conference slides can be found on: (courtesy Julian Kleinhans)

TYPO3camp Venlo (April 11-13, Venlo, The Netherlands)

After last years success TYPO3Camp Venlo will be held again from April 11-13. This years weekend will be packed with interesting talks and international visitors with various backgrounds in the TYPO3 world.

Developer Days (June 19-22, Eindhoven, The Netherlands)

Early Bird registration for the Developer Days will end this coming Monday March 31. If you want to take advantage of a considerable reduction then register Monday latest. The Developer Days 2014 will feature workshops on community and communication, basically focusing on developing your soft skills and creating a human to human interaction in your community interaction. The Developer Days are not only for experienced programmers, but also for programmers new to TYPO3. The organisation also encourages all involved in any aspect of the development of our products (TYPO3 CMS, Flow, Neos) to participate, So register now to be part of this great event.

Code sprints

Documentation sprint (April 10-12, Fribourg, Switzerland)

The documentation team will meet for the first time for a sprint at the office of SA in Fribourg, Switzerland. The sprint will be purely technical by nature and will also be attended by Flow/Neos experts Karsten Dambekalns and Dominique Feyer. It is expected that the sprint will result in a better understanding for the attendees regarding the rendering process of the documentation on and start is being made to rework the design and general content of the documentation website. Documentation lies at the heart of the community and provides entry points for participation in the community and a starting point using our software. The documentation team can definitely use your help. A project that will start soon is reworking the Getting Started documentation that needs to be reworked and rethought fully. If you are interested in joining the Documentation Team, get in touch by writing to

Community Tools (May 2-4, Wiesbaden, Germany)

The next sprint dedicated to and all tools that are at the diposal of the TYPO3 community, will be from May 1-3 in the new AOE offices in the heart of Wiesbaden. A number of items are already on the 'urgent' list. These sprints usually have a wide scope and are very interesting and worthwhile to join. The coming sprint is not fully booked and can use your support. If you have any questions regarding the sprint and want to know in what way you can contribute to our community tools, please write an email to Check out the events calendar for a user group meeting, code sprint or other event near you: Do not hesitate to share you TYPO3 activities in 'This Week in TYPO3'. Just let me (@benvantende) know what you are up to.