The TYPO3 Style guide has been updated

Categories: Community Created by Rasmus Skjoldan
The TYPO3 online style guide has been updated (a little while ago) with guidelines regarding the subbrand system, the use of photography, basic layout rules and extended logo use.
The subbrand system:
Guidelines on how to use the TYPO3 logo with subbrands with precise specifications on where to place the subbrand and how to style it.

Photography guidelines:
The photographic concept is about ?intense moments of people collaborating?. This is explained further in the part about how to use photographs in connection with the TYPO3 brand and corporate identity.

Basic layout rules:
We have made a few select rules about the basic layout and design to allow for both strength and flexibility when using the TYPO3 corporate identity. In this part of the style guide we cover guidelines regarding alignment, headlines and the use of the grid on letters, invoices, business cards, etc.

Extended logo use:
In addition to the basic logo rules there are a couple of other possibilities of using the logo-shape as a graphical element, like for example as a cropped background element. This part also covers the use of the logo in combination with colored bars and areas and how to position the logo.