The TYPO3 Core Team is giving a short summary about the upcoming releases of TYPO3.

Categories: Development Created by Michael Stucki on behalf of the TYPO3 Core Team

Dear TYPO3 enthusiasts,

about five years ago, the TYPO3 community has started working on a new major release, based on modern technologies and being rewritten from scratch.

As many of you know, the "Phoenix" project is making great progress, and the first final version is going to be released at the end of this year. Originally planned, this release would have become TYPO3 5.0, following up on TYPO3 version 4 (as planned and promised in the <link http: development roadmap berlin-manifesto _blank>Berlin Manifesto).

Having such a new major version will obviously raise the expectation that this product is a drop-in-replacement for the predecessor, containing the same amount of features, and more.

By having a look at TYPO3 v4, we see 100'000s of real-world projects, more than 5'000 extensions and 10 years of maturity. At the same time, Phoenix is still a very young product and caters to use cases that v4 cannot (easily) be used for as a solution. We realized over time that in fact, "Phoenix" will be a new product which will not replace TYPO3 v4 in the near future, and therefore needs to have its own name.

Having that in mind, the TYPO3 Core Team decided that it makes much sense to rename the result of the "Phoenix" project and release it as [some new name] version 1.0.

This name is yet to be defined, and will be communicated at a later time. (Suggestions welcome!)

Now that we know that there will be no release named "TYPO3 5.0" anymore, this opens up the possibility for TYPO3 v4 to raise its version to a higher level. In fact, we had so many great features in past 4.x versions that many of these would have deserved a new <link http: teams core resources release-workflow _blank>major version number already.

That in mind, we are very much looking forward to release TYPO3 4.7 as planned in April, followed by a new major release in next October. This won't be TYPO3 5.0 since it could likely be mixed up with the "Phoenix" project. Therefore, the next version after TYPO3 4.7 won't be 4.8 but rather TYPO3 6.0.

You might remember the Berlin Manifesto and that this somewhat breaks what we initially promised 3 years ago, namely that TYPO3 5.0 will be a direct successor of 4.0, capable of replacing it. We are aware of this, and our team member Xavier Perseguers shares some thoughts behind it in a separate blog post which can be found at <link http: people xavier-perseguers article typo3-60-at-the-corner-how-is-it-possible _blank>

With greetings from T3BOARD12 in Laax,

Your TYPO3 Core Team