The Phoenix team reports on the Developer Days 2012

Categories: Community Created by Sebastian Kurfürst
Generally the TYPO3 Developer Days 2012 were very motivating, we talked to lots of people and had a very positive and intense time. Finally, it feels like FLOW3 is getting real and people start to gasp that Phoenix is at the horizon.
I personally feel that especially the transition between TYPO3 v4 (which is soon called v6) and FLOW3 / Phoenix really works out. At the overall Core Team Meeting before the T3DD, we recognized that the <link>Berlin Manifesto which was published back in 2008 by the core development team, is still valid today, serving us as a guiding principle in our daily work. We all agree that TYPO3 Phoenix will be our flagship CMS product in the future, and are very eager to push into that direction. Furthermore, we recognized that Extbase as a key bridge between TYPO3 and FLOW3/Phoenix is widely accepted by the community as of today. Furthermore, we figured out how to still improve the workflow between Extbase, FLOW3 and TYPO3; which will further smoothen the transition path. In the tutorials we mentored at the T3DD12, many people got their hands dirty trying out the concepts of Phoenix for the first time, and we got very positive and constructive feedback from these sessions.
Currently, the path of trying out Phoenix is still a little rough, but we work hard on a graphical setup tool which makes this process a lot easier. Besides the tutorials, we also took part in a lot of workshops which were important for us as a team to figure out the next steps towards a fully-functional Phoenix. Especially the workshop about the Phoenix Backend Concept yielded a great idea-collection and feasible next steps we're working on implementing now. Now, the challenge is to connect the concepts in a coherent manner, and implementing them in a pragmatic and functional way. I'd like to encourage everybody interested and passionate about Phoenix to connect with the FLOW3/Phoenix team in the #flow3 channel on, as we have lots of open tasks and many exciting projects. This of course includes PHP and JavaScript coding, but also maintaining the <link http:>flow3 website, improving documentation or implementing features for our conference websites. We need your help to make Phoenix real!