The next LTS: A faster, database-agnostic, inline-edited CMS

Categories: Development, Association Created by Mathias Bolt Lesniak
The next Long Term Support version of TYPO3 CMS is just around the corner. It is scheduled to be released in April 2017, but you can still give a helping hand.
"We are working very hard and are looking for more people to test and help us make it an awesome version", says Mathias Schreiber, CEO of TYPO3 Inc., and product owner in the Core Development Team.
The new LTS will take TYPO3 to a new level, with impressive features both for editors and enterprises alike.

Database agnostic through Doctrine abstraction

Under the hood, version 8 LTS will be fully database agnostic. Using industry standards, such as the Doctrine database abstraction layer, database connections are streamlined and queries built without error-prone hand-written queries. 
Session handling for users (editors/admins and website users) has also been revamped. Using the new session framework, user sessions can now be stored in Redis, Memcached or similar, and sharing sessions between multiple heads is finally possible.

Inline editing, drag-and-drop forms

Editors will enjoy the new frontend inline editing feature. Many have pointed this out and the new drag-and-drop form wizard as major new selling points for the CMS.
The inclusion of CKEditor as the default backend rich text editor, makes configuration easier. You will also be able edit your site using a mobile phone. A much-requested feature.

Faster, faster, my CMS

PHP 7 will be required to run the new installation. This PHP version is known to be fast, but speed improvements are also brought in by using more standalone components, such as the Fluid templating engine.
Configuration will also be easier, with less options and smarter setup-detection.
If you would like to help out make TYPO3 version 8 LTS even more breathtakingly awesome, feel free to contact Benni Mack and the Core Development Team on or send an email to benni(at)