Testing and Tuning TYPO3 Performance

Categories: Development Created by News team
A new article describing TYPO3 performance tuning and testing is now available in the articles section of typo3.org.

Written by Michael Scharkow and Steffen Müller, Testing and Tuning TYPO3 Performance addresses system optimizations to increase TYPO3 performance, and provides test scenarios to demonstrate their effectiveness.

The article covers a wide range of system enhancements, to include Apache configuration, MySQL tuning, PHP acceleration, and TYPO3 configuration. Their testing shows that optimizing these areas resulted in their server performing 14 times faster than with the default settings!

This article is a must-read for every TYPO3 server administrator and people who plan to launch popular and heavily frequented TYPO3 sites.

Many thanks to the authors for providing this excellent resource.