Teams: Screencast team needs members

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In trying to improve the documentation and material for newbees a screencast team has been set up. The team needs your support!

At the moment there are a number of video tutorials on<link http: documentation videos _blank video> The newer ones are provided by Silke Arend and we have a whole set of last century video's once produced by Kasper that don't really apply anymore to the latest versions of TYPO3. The purpose of the screencast team is to maintain and modernize the current video page and also to support teams like the release team with making screencasts to accompany new releases. We need videos on installing or using extension or other admin functions. For that we need a common format, both concerning audio and video. The <link http: projects show design _blank typo3>design team can cooperate with the screencast team in providing designs. We need native speakers for the english screencasts as well.

What people does the team need?

  • 1 person planning the video (what to show, examples, setting up the system etc.. Possibly this is also a team effort.
  • 1 person doing the recording
  • 1 person doing the voice-over
  • 1 person producing the video
  • 1 person for the "proof reading" and quality check

We definitely need someone that speaks with a clear, pleasant voice, good pronounciation and with the right speed. A microphone and the appropriate software for the recording might be useful. Of course some tasks can be done by a single person and some tasks can be regarded as a team effort, but we will have to see about that once the team is up and runnning.

What do we expect from you as a new member of the screencast team?

  • Time! You need to be able to spend some time regularly to the team efforts.
  • Being there! The team will have regular Skype meetings, where you need to be.
  • Knowledge! In order to be of help in the team you need to bring knowledge in one of the fields above.
  • Enthusiasm!

The team is just starting. We will have our first meeting when there are some more potential members.

If you are interested then please apply here:<link http: projects show typo3-screencast _blank> If you have any questions regarding participation in this team or in any other team then <link http: news article teams-screencast-team-needs-members>please contact me by mail.