Team leader meeting March 2018

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At the 15th of March we had our regular team leader meeting.

Budget Process

The budget numbers will be created until next week. Once this happened, we will add all data to our reimbursement tool ( The usage of this tool will be mandatory. This will help us, to track the usage of the budget faster. Access to the tool will be granted, when the Association received the budget agreement.

Teamleader Meeting at the GA 2018

A real life meeting of all team leaders is planned next the General Assembly 2018 in Essen. It is the aim of the Association, to improve the coordination of all teams and set up a common agenda. 

At sunday also a sprint starts, which is open to all teams, who want to sprint too or want to contribute to the relaunch.


Sunday 8th April 2018 (optional)

16:00 - Sprint Area (t3o sprint, add your team here…)

Monday 9th April 2018 (optional)

09:00 - 23:59 Sprint Area (t3o sprint, add your team here…)

Tuesday 10th April 2018

09:00 - 23:59 Sprint Area (t3o sprint, add your team here…)
17:00: Welcome & Dinner at the Unperfekthaus
19:00: Roadmap 2018 / 2019 of the Association & further discussion

Wednesday 11th April 2018

09:00 - 13:00 Sprint Area (t3o sprint, add your team here…)
09.00 - 12:00: Teamleader workshop -> set up a common agenda
12:00 - 13:00: Lunch
13:00 - 16:00: General Assembly

Responsible: Stefan Busemann

Reports of the teams relaunch current status

Responsible: Thomas Löffler

The launch of was a success and it is running stable. We are currently on track for the complete relaunch and still plan to release in April. We are looking for people to join our next sprint in Essen. If you like to join please contact Stefan Busemann or Thomas Löffler or add your name to

Marketing Group

We had the first hangout on the 28 th of February. There we had quite some interested people there and we presented the work we did since the last sprint. We decided to stay in connection via the #marketing channel and there is a screencast of the first hangout for anybody who is interested.

We will have a second hangout in March where we will have the first clarified tasks by OSP and the T3C3

“T3C3 TYPO3 Communication Coordination Committee” Working Title

We are currently working on a stable team organizing the overall communication concept. In this Team we have in the Moment Jörg Ems, Matthias Bold-Lesniak, OSP, Fabian Stein, Matthias Schreiber, Olivier Dobberkau.

We are fixing the concept, and afterwards we want to connect to the other core Teams like, Education, Event, or Core Team to join us somehow.

Design Team

We had the first Sprint of 2018 together with the Team. We got 3 new people regarding our Marketing Mail with the GmbH. This is pretty awesome. On the 04.04.2018 there is a strategy day in frankfurt from the Design Team.

Next complete Sprint is from 15.08 - 17.08