T3camp Mitteldeutschland (Central Germany)

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This year between Jan. 25th and 27th TYPO3camp Mitteldeutschland (Central Germany) took place in the beautiful city of Dresden for the first time. Tickets sold out completely, with 200 participants coming from all over Germany and Austria.

Recap by Marcus Schwemer

What happened?

On Thursday evening the first few participants met up for a pre-event warm up at "Alaun 100", a pub in the happening district of Dresdner Neustadt, for pizza, beer and cocktails.

On Friday morning the event kicked off with an entertaining opening session at the venue Deutsches Hygienemuseum". A highlight of the opening was a "rumble", where all participants had to answer questions by positioning themselves in various places in the main hall.

It was really good to see, that:

  • There were many people who have been working with TYPO3 for 3 years or less

  • Many people are involved with TYPO3 in Central Germany

  • About half of the people participating were first-time visitors to a barcamp


After the opening, the six (!!) tracks of the session plan urgently needed filling with topics before the event could continue. As the Friday tracks filled up, some were also pre-scheduled for Saturday. Personal note: it was my first camp with six tracks and all tracks were completely full over both days of the camp. Kudos to all who made this wide variety of topics possible!

An overview of all sessions is available via the web app of the value sponsor lineUPR. Session slides are also linked in the details of each session.

Two rooms had a live broadcast to the Youtube channel of TYPO3. These are still available and will be divided into single videos in the next couple of days (available via the same channel).

Social Event @Bärenzwinger

Between the sessions and the social event there were about two hours left. About 25 "campers" participated in a fascinating city tour prepared and held by Annett Jähnichen (https://twitter.com/mc_mietz). It started right at the venue of the camp and guided participants through the city center to the final destination of the social event at Bärenzwinger.

The Bärenzwinger is a student club, reserved exclusively for the TYPO3camp on this occasion. A large soup buffet, beers and drinks served us late into the evening.

A thank you to those involved

Without many helping hands and sponsors this event would not have been possible. Thanks to

  • The organizers -  TYPO3 Usergroup Mitteldeutschland and Davitec

  • The sponsors https://www.typo3camp-mitteldeutschland.de/sponsoren/) - without them, the event would not have been possible.

  • Everyone who prepared a session or had the courage to stand up for a topic spontaneously

Last but not least a big thanks to Gregor Kühnert (https://twitter.com/gkm_me) for the event photography.

All his pictures are available on Facebook

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