T3BOARD14 Registration starts on Monday, October 7th 2013 15:00 (CEST)

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On Monday, October 7th 2013 15:00 (CEST) it’s time again to start the registration for the next year’s snowboard-tour at the Mountain Hostel (Laax, Switzerland) AND second half of the week down in the village at Riders Palace. Save the Date: 19.01. – 26.01.2014. You'll get the exact registration link via twitter or news.typo3.org!
The T3BOARD14 will be a very special edition since we have the first part of the week at the <link http: www.mountain-hostel.ch home.htm _blank>Mountain Hostel, from Sunday, January 19th 2014 until Thursday, January 23rd 2014 (4 nights) and the second part of the week in the legendary <link http: www.riderspalace.ch en home.html _blank>Riders Palace down in the Village and Party-Zone; from Thursday, January 23rd 2014 until Sunday, January 26th 2014 (3 nights). The Room-Change won't be too complicated since the Riders-Palace is just beside the Gondola-Station and the Laax Staff will bring all your luggage from the Mountain Hostel to the Riders Palace. You'll just have to put it on the Gondola-Cart, the Staff will do the complete Transfer.
What is included?
1 week (7 nights) accommodation at Crap Sogn Gion Mountain Hostel/Riders Palace including the following at the Mountain Hostel: Accommodation, breakfast and dinner, bed linnen, one towel per person, use of sauna, taxes and VAT. and the following at the Riders Palace: Accommodation, ”Scarnuz Breakfast” = one croissant, 1 jus, 1 fruit and 1 cereal bar, bed linnen, one towel, 3 course dinner per person, taxes and VAT. AND of course a 7-days lift ticket for the whole, huge <link http: www.laax.com en interactive-map _blank>skiing-area. We got a very good deal for that special Week: Price 1: EUR 756.00 (CHF 907.00) (incl. VAT and service charges) for a bed in a room with toilet/shower
Price 2: EUR 696.00 (CHF 835.00) (incl. VAT and service charges) for a bed in a room with toilet/shower on the floor (Note: in the riders palace all the rooms have toilet and shower, only in the mountain hostel some of the rooms have toilet/shower) 
Check out why you should be there and what the mountain and the event is offering:
Once a year, the TYPO3 community meets in the Alps for a week of fun in the snow. The difference to the other two T3* events is, that the focus during the Snowboard Tour lies on sports, fun and socializing. But of course, TYPO3 is a big topic. There will be nights of nerding and days of outdoor fun. If you want to catch the spirit of the TYPO3 community, look no further and get registered! Places can be very quick to fill up!
In this time of the season (January) we expect lots lots of powder and less people. In January you don't have any scheduled school holidays in Switzerland, so this will be quite a good time on the slopes. We yould be happy to get your ideas and inputs for any activities you'd be interested during the week, like taking boarding lessons or go on a tour with a guide, do some ice-hockey or whatever.... just put your ideas on the mailing list, i'll try to take care of it: <link>t3board@lists.typo3.org We're looking forward to see you in the snow! Marion & Adrian