T3BOARD11: About beer-bug-auctions, aerial photographs and TYPO3-geeks in the snow

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Slightly more than a week ago the tenth TYPO3 Snowboardtour took place in the Austrian village of Zell am See. Over 100 TYPO3-geeks met for a week at the 2000 meters high Schmittenhöhe, to board and ski, further develop TYPO3 and to have a lot of fun together. T3n's Jan Tischler was there and reports on the events happening on the mountain.
Anyone that was ever attending the TYPO3 Snowboard Tour before can confirm that no other TYPO3 event conveys the spirit of TYPO3 better than T3BOARD. The community is at the center of T3BOARD, both during the day on the slopes and in the evening in the"nerdroom". Starting in 2002 with a handfull of TYPO3 enthusiasts around project leader Kasper Skårhøj (the only guy that actually attended each and every T3BOARD), TYPO3 nerds meet yearly in the snow.

Pics and Vids on T3BOARD11

This results, of course, in tons of <link http: t3board11.typo3.org fotos-auf-flickr.10.0.html>photos and <link http: t3board11.typo3.org youtube-videos.7.0.html>videos, that are bundled together with tweets and other information on the <link http: t3board11.typo3.org>T3BOARD website. Speaking of videos: In the middle of the week André Westbunk and Christoph Möller recorded a video with a HD camera fixed on a light aircraft Model while all the TYPO3-geeks were on the ground forming a human TYPO3 logo as you can see on the above mentioned video page.

Soccer tournament

A nice tradition is the soccer tournament during the TYPO3 Snowboard Tour. This year, five teams competed for the title. In an exciting finale, "Team Northern Germany" was able to secure the title against "Team International" for the third time in a row. Team "Northern Germany" won the cup for the third time. (Foto: Superburschi/Flickr, Lizenz: CC-BY-NC 2.0) After the soccer tournament, that took place in the valley of Zell am See, it was off to an open air concert by <link http: www.annaf.com>Anna F. followed by a party. Around 2 o'clock the specially booked gondola took the nerds back to the 2.000 meter high Hotel Schmittenhöhe.

Bug Auction

Auctionator: Dan Jensen. (Foto: ckalb/Flickr, Lizenz: CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0) Bidding for bugs and paying with beer - that's the slightly oblique sounding concept of the TYPO3 bug auction. As in any software, TYPO3 also has some bugs. Several core developers are attending the Snowboard Tour, so this is the best opportunity to fix bugs. To give the whole thing a casual setting some 20 bugs will be auctioned on an evening during the Snowboard Tour. Bidding were not done with money but with beers that were made available after the auction for consumption. An average bug made ??about 80 beers at a price of € 4 each. The winning bidder gets mentioned on typo3.org next to fame and glory. An overview of all auctioned bugs:

Conclusion and outlook

To anyone that did not have the opportunity to participate in a TYPO3 Snowboard Tour, I can only say: You missed something. This yearly week in the snow is a real highlight in our jam-packed event calendar. The mixture of fun, work, and good conversation with like-minded people is simply unbeatable. Currently a vote is underway to determine where the 2012 TYPO3 Snowboard Tour will take place. In addition to Zell am See, the neighboring town of Kaprun is considered as well as the Swiss ski resort of Laax (venue for T3BOARD08, T3BOARD09 and T3BOARD10).