Supervisory Board report 4th quarter of 2017

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The supervisory board of the TYPO3 service company (TYPO3 GmbH) reports about the activities in the fourth quarter of 2017.

TYPO3 Inc Development:

The company is generating a profit, and the results of the TYPO3 Inc are in accordance with our expectations. Our revenue is now shifting more to our new products, as the ELTS programm has main cyles, which are related to the LTS releases. 85% the revenue has been generated by the ELTS program, and 15% by various activities, such as project reviews, partner program and SLA sales.

So far the company did only use € 58’332 of € 350.000 of the CMS Budget. This means a large part of the development funds needed for TYPO3 CMS was drawn from the TYPO3 Inc’s operating surplus. We will not bill the difference for tax reasons and mainly because T3G was able to fund its operation and the Core Team support through its operating activities.

The development of our costs in a normal range for the quarter. The revenue is higher than expected, so that we aim now for a turn over for the current year, instead of a loss (in the business plan we expected a loss of 444k for the first year).


The capital of the TYPO3 GmbH was increased by  EUR 80.000 to EUR 105.000. We think this is a necessary step, to increase the sustain of our company.

HubSpot CRM is the main system, to maintain all customer data. As the company now provides various services to the Association and Community, it was needed to build a facade in front of HubSpot CRM in order to prevent NDA issues.


  • Kickstart and mentor the TYPO3 Trainer Network
  • Discussing TYPO3 at University Clusters (with LRZ)
  • Attended and organized the codesprint at AOE, Wiesbaden
  • Attended a workshop at UDG, Mainz
  • Mentored and fixed Certification Situation


For 2018 the T3CON will be back. We planned the relaunch of the T3CON18 together with Sitegeist. Further:

  • Participate at the Meet TYPO3 Vienna

Industry Partnerships

The primary goal of industry partnerships is to create long term relationships, in order to be present and be involved. Further this can lead to revenue in form of sponsorings or other products.

  • Started Partnership with Google Adwords Germany
  • Started Partnership with Google USA
  • Explored Partnership with Linkbird
  • Started Partnership with Continuum


Our  Project Review Product was launched. This is another step to expand our product offering.

  • Kickstarted TYPO3 Certified Hoster Program
  • Kickstarted University Package


Our regular videos are getting positive feedback and help us to get more visibility, especially in markets outside of central europe. Further activities were:

  • Marketing Sprint, Bad Homburg
  • Marketplace Meetings
  • Published Blogposts
  • Mentored T3A Communication Strategy


We are further optimistic and expect the growth to continue. Our main focus will be, to create a more diverse revenue stream, besides the ELTS income.  Industry partnerships and improvements to our agency partner program will be the key.

The next report should be expected towards the end of April, 2018.