Results of the TYPO3 Association Elections 2017

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The TYPO3 Association (T3A) communicates the results of the 2017 elections for the Expert Advisory Board (EAB) and Business Control Committee (BCC).
The TYPO3 Association elections that took place between March 23 and April 3 2016, have given the following results: Elected T3A Expert Advisory Board members: Petra Hasenau: Coming from a background as an educated industrial manager and logistics specialist of the late 80s and having worked for major national and international enterprises and business consultancies, she entered the TYPO3 universe in 2009, when she founded the Cybercraft Media Manufactory together with her husband Jo. Boris Hinter: In his job he is the manager of web-vision, a web agency which creates websites and web applications with TYPO3 and online shops with Magento. Additionally he offers surrounding services like server hosting, domains and so on. His agency is very dedicated to TYPO3. Peter Pröll: Is working with TYPO3 since 2004. From 2009 until 2012 he was member of the TYPO3 Association Board and played an active role in opening up the T3A to its members, removing the old Steering Committee, and introducing the Expert Advisory Board which is elected by the members. Elected T3A Business Control Committee members: Ingo Schmitt: Born in 1974, he is the CTO of Marketing Factory Consulting GmbH and has worked with TYPO3 as a Developer since 2003: In the past 20 years he voluntarily spent quite a lot of time as Youth Speaker, Youth Secretary, Chairman, Press Secretary, regional Officer and annual accounts auditor for some non-profit organizations Roberto Torresani: Is living in Trento (north of Italy ) and uses TYPO3 since 2004. He is one of the most active members of the Italian community. In 2010 he organized the first event in Italy on TYPO3: T3Camp Italia.