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Sponsored projects offer a new way for companies to support the development of TYPO3 v4 by donating money and pushing their own ideas. It also provides the developers with more opportunities for taking part in the development of the Core.

Beginning with an initial three software projects for TYPO3 version 4.3, sponsors can now easily contribute too! This revived concept was introduced at T3DD08 and is now launched. The project needs more involvement of consultancies and clients using TYPO3, which can now take the form of sponsoring said advertised projects. Funneling money to the developers (in particular Core Team members) will allow them to spend more time working on the Core and will thus speed up the development of TYPO3.

Contrary to what may have been done before, sponsored projects follow a more closely defined process:

  • each project comes with a project description outlining its goals and the amount of money needed for achieving them
  • each project has a team, ready to work on it as soon as the money is raised
  • a team of reviewers is already defined, so that there are no bad surprises upon integration into the Core of TYPO3
  • every completed project will go into the Core of TYPO3

The first three project that are up for sponsoring are:

  • the new Installer that will provide new users with a smoother TYPO3 installation experience and enable experienced users to customise their install tool.
  • the new List module which aims to fully renew the old List module and add some general new features (like drag & drop) that could be used throughout the TYPO3 backend.
  • the new FORM object that will provide enhanced form capabilities, a user-friendly wizard and powerful built-in validation methods.

This last project does not yet have a full team of developers and reviewers, so there are also opportunities to take for enthusiastic developers.

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Francois Suter, TYPO3 v4 Sponsorship Manager
Michael Stucki, TYPO3 v4 Core Team Leader