Paper Voting is open for public

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The TYPO3 Conference Team is happy to announce that the paper voting for the TYPO3 Conference in Germany (October 4th - 6th) is now open for everyone.
This is your chance to vote for the papers that should be accepted for the biggest international TYPO3 conference. This is how it works:

1) Got to
2) Log in with your account
3) Got to

You will find a list of all papers submitted. Please take some time and browse through them. There is a brief abstract available for each of them.

When you have decided wether or not you like the paper proposed, go back to the list and make your vote. Please give the following scores:
  • +1 if you like the paper
  • 0 if you are unsure about the paper
  • -1 if you don't like the paper
Don't forget to press the "update voting" button and the end of the page! Voting closes on 2012-08-03. Your votes will be taken into account by the T3CON12-Team when selecting the talks for the conference.

Sincerely your,
TYPO3 Conference Team