Nominations for the EAB / BCC positions

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Since 2011 the Association created two important committes: The Business Control Committee (BCC) and the Expert Adisory Board (EAB). Both committes are elected by the members of the TYPO3 Association - that is you!

Last month two members of the committees resigned their work.

Georg Ringer is now leader of the security team. He left the BCC to concentrate on that position.

Patrick Lobacher steps back from his position in the EAB, because his overall workload in the last time was much too high and he wants to concentrate on himself, his family and his company. Of course he will continue to actively support the TYPO3 project wherever he can.

This means, we will have an online election to find a successors for the two positions. There will be an Extraordinary General Assembly at the T3CON Stuttgart (4th October 2012) to inaugurate the elected members.

The TYPO3 Association Board starts now a call for nomination. If you want to nominate yourself for the EAB position or the BCC you are very welcome to  do so. We ask every nominee to keep in mind that each position requires quite some time invest. The successor of Patrick and Georg will both have a mandate until the general assembly in early 2014.

Now we need you!

Please nominate yourself if you want to be part of one this committees.

The following limitations apply: You must be an Association member (as person, the personal membership can be added in case of an election), just one person per company can be elected, you are neither member of the Board or the EAB (in case of a application for the BCC) or the BCC (in case of an application for the EAB). 

Deadline for your nomination is Friday, 13th of September 2012.

If you have any questions regarding , don't hesitate to contact us by mail:

Kind regards,

Stefan Busemann

Secretary of the TYPO3 Association
TYPO3 Association, Sihlbruggstrasse 105, CH-6340 Baar, Switzerland