Meet TYPO3 at OpenExpo Day in Madrid

TYPO3 will be present as Sponsor at the OpenExpo Day in Madrid, on June 26th, 2014.
On June 26th 2014 the OpenExpo Day will take place in Madrid. The OpenExpo Day is an annual event of the spanish Open Source community, which attracts international guests and sponsors. This lively event offers keynote speeches, conferences, workshops, and demos of Open Source software and solutions. The shared aim of the OpenExpo Day and of TYPO3 is to spread the interest towards Open Source and to expand the TYPO3 voice within the Spanish territory and internationally.
Christian Müller TYPO3 is proud to announce its participation with a keynote speech from Christian Müller “Inspire, Share, TYPO3”, aiming at introducing the three TYPO3 main products, as well as the community itself. Moreover, TYPO3 will be present with a booth and with two informative workshops on TYPO3 CMS and NEOS. TYPO3 will be sharing a booth and organizing workshops with the Spanish Members of the TYPO3 Association Michel Mix from 12MixJose Antonio Guerra and Carlos Antonio Llanos from ICTI Internet Passion. Come, join us, visit our booth and support TYPO3 in inspiring people to share! TYPO3 Association, Naike Beggiato (naike.beggiato(at)