March 25, 2011 Bug Day report

Categories: Community Created by François Suter
The last Bug Day was meant to be a special day around Git and Gerrit. It's hard to assess its success.
Despite having been announced as an ideal day to get help with Git and Gerrit, it was a rather quiet day. It was very unusual in the sense that there were more Core Team members than community members during several periods of the day. We didn't receive much feedback and it is thus hard to assess how helpful that day really was. It was anyway useful to some people who were definitely helped. Including Core Team members, for example when we stumbled on more complicated situations. It was good to have several Git experts around. Exchanges during the day also led to discussions in the core list to iron out some work processes details. That was quite fruitful. Thanks to the participants (as usual only registered ones are listed here):
  • Peter Beernink
  • Philipp Gampe
  • Steffen Gebert
  • Steffen Kamper
  • Visay Keo
  • Xavier Perseguers
  • François Suter
  • Fabien Udriot
Special thanks go to unusual Bug Day participants who came aboard to help with Git and Gerrit: Karsten Dambekalns, Sebastian Kurfürst and Peter Niederlag. Don't worry if you missed the day, there's a lot of useful information about Git and Gerrit in the wiki. As for the bugs themselves, they are currently on the rise, mostly due to many issues being opened for tasks related to the development of TYPO3 4.6. The Next Bug Day will take place on April 29, 2011.

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