January's diary of the TYPO3 Association

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Opening 2015 at the TYPO3 Association.

14 January - 28 January: regular Board meetings

The Board of the TYPO3 Association (T3A) has opened the new year with its regular bi-monthly meetings in January. As one of the first things, we had a look at the statistics related to the members of the T3A. We closed the year 2014 with a total of 654 members and a cleaned up accounting system. A key focus of the meetings was however the preparation of two workshops planned for the beginning of February in Frankfurt. On day one with focus on strategy development of the TYPO3 Association, and on day two with focus on coordinating and improving the TYPO3 PR activities. You will hear more about this on our February diary, don't miss it!

13 January - 27 January: regular Expert Advisory Board (EAB) meetings

The EAB has also met regularly in January. Two were the meetings they had, which included the discussions of topics such as the budget allocation for the year 2015, the potential extension of the support of TYPO3 CMS 4.5, and a brainstorming on the nominations for the elections 2015.

2015 Elections for the TYPO3 Association

Official positions in the TYPO3 Association have a tenure of office of two years. Each year some of the positions are newly elected. In 2015 the following positions are up for election:
  • In the Expert Advisory Board (EAB) the mandates of Peter Pröll, Jonas Felix and Jan-Hendrik Heuing expire. Peter will be available again.
  • In the Business Control Committee (BCC) the two mandates of Roberto Torresani and Ingo Schmitt expire. Therefore two positions are up for election. Both Roberto and Ingo will be available again.
  • In the Board the positions of Vice President (Ric van Westhreenen), Treasurer (Alain Veuve) and 2nd Assessor (Frederic Gauss) are up for election. Ric and Alain will be available again.
You can read more about the elections process and your potential nomination <link http: typo3.org news article upcoming-elections-in-the-typo3-association-2 _blank to of upcoming elections>here. Source: Ben Your votes for your favorite candidates can be expressed at the General Assembly, as explained below.

General Assembly 2015

Source: t3n.de

The General Assembly is the annual meeting where all the basic decisions are taken, online elections are approved, and budget decisions by the EAB are acknowledged. The GA will be combined with the TYPO3 Dialogue Days mentioned below and will take place on April 14, at 13:30 in the Unperfekthaus in Essen. We bet you want to be there as there will be a great and interesting exchange of information. Remember, the votes of our members matter!

TYPO3 Dialogue Days 2015

Stefan Busemann is the person in charge for organizing the General Assembly (GA) 2015 and for the of launching the new concept of the TYPO3 Dialogue Days event. In the past, our General Assembly has transformed into a very short and lifeless event. Nowadays only a few members visit the GA and use their right to vote, or use the contact chance with the Association. One of our major goals in theTYPO3 Association is to improve the communication towards our members and community. We think that the GA could be the right time and place for fulfilling this aim. Our goals for the TYPO3 Dialogue Days are:
  • make the work of the T3A more visible and inspire people to step up,
  • improve the interaction with our members,
  • communicate with members about their expectations and problems,
  • get more members or potential contributors for working groups, committees, or official bodies,
  • involve active contributors and people of our community.
After some organizational and administrative barriers, Stefan managed to set the dates for 13-15 April 2015. Save them on your calendar. The event will take place in the well known Unperfekthaus (http://www.unperfekthaus.de) in Essen, as you can read here.